Bacardi Express feat. La Roux + Art Vs Science - Luna Park Big Top (27.03.10)


Toot toot! The Bacardi express arrived right on schedule at Luna Park on Saturday night, pulling right up to the toothy mouth door of the amusement park. Take note City Rail!

The Big Top, every square inch covered in Bacardi branding and train station paraphernalia, held an interesting crowd of those invited, competition winners and those who actually spent money and bought tickets. Band introductions were made with the soothingly informative voice of the "lady that does the announcements at the real train station!" with the ascending dom-dom-doms and everything! Clever!

Cassette Kids got the coal burning with their brand of indie pop, warming up the crowd quite the like the very fire powering a train. This band is the next big thing! In between bands, Dj Sampology had the floor, seamlessly mixing genres, songs old and new. Miami Horror arrived on platform Big Top next, donned with black feathers and fur. They worked the happy crowd with their dirty 80s pop rock.

My favourite band of the evening's line up, Yves Klein Blue followed, and it seemed I wasn't the only one in the crowd excited to see them perform. Their set was polished and tight like a tiger. Even their outfits were similar! The most impressive part of their performance was the singers mammoth leap over security to land on a step on the crowd barrier, only to be ushered back on stage. I applauded.

After being just a filler between the other bands to now, Dj Sampology really got his chance to shine when he was able to present his Super Visual Disco Party. Combining live mixing with video, he scratched and "wikied" the Rocky theme and Hot Chip with video from Back to the Future, the Fresh Prince, and some amazing piece of video gold featuring Hulk Hogan in some sort of movie role. He even threw in that "Ante Up" video featuring the Muppets! [Ed: See what we're talking about here: - It's probably the greatest thing ever by someone who has way too much time on his hands!]

It was at this point in time where I had to depart the station, but without any delay (listening, City rail?), Larry took over the controls.....

Continuing Review by Larry Heath:

Thanks Angie! I couldn't agree more with what you had to say. But onto the main attractions - first up, Art Vs Science! The Sydney three piece who we've been championing at the AU review since they first hit Sydney stages have now set themselves up as one of the biggest electronic (read: party!) acts in Australia. Tonight, despite weak voices (a byproduct of the prior 48 hour train party), they showed us why by putting on the best show I've ever seen them perform. As they put it themselves, to make up for the lost voice, they were going to party twice as hard. They sure did. They sure did.

The set opened with "Friend in the Field", and then they mixed in a bit of Bloody Beetroots' "Warp 1.9" into "Flippers". Dan jumps around, meanwhile, with his guitar like a madman - performing an epic solo during "Parlez Vous, Francais?" on Jim's head, before inviting all prior bands, as well as La Roux, onto the stage for a dance off during their cover of "Boom! Shake The Room", which set Splendour on fire in 2009. That's right. There was a dance off.

I almost felt like this should have been the end of the night. By the time La Roux hit the stage, struggling with some voice problems of her own, the momentum just couldn't be maintained. But that's not to say she wasn't great fun - she was! Performing with two keyboardists and an electric drummer, the songs, accompanied by a great light show, came alive on the stage. "Quicksand" was a particular highlight, and "In for the Kill" was of course a huge hit on the dance floor. She even threw in a cover of Rolling Stones' "Under My Thumb"! No where near the quality of the original, but it was great to hear her interpretation of it. "I'm Not Your Toy" also translated well live - with some great Caribbean drums thrown into the mix, sending my feet alight.

So while La Roux mightn't have quite been the incredible end to the night that Art Vs Science had already achieved, we all left feeling pretty damn satisfied nonetheless.

Bacardi Express was a great show, period. Let's board again next year!