Eating with the AU: Meat Lovers Lunch at Alpha Restaurant - CBD (Sydney)

Alpha Restaurant is one of the best looking restaurants in Sydney, there's no doubt about that. The heavenly hub of Greek food - both traditional and progressive - is fronted by Chef Peter Conistis, who has brought his 20+ years of championing Sydney's Greek cuisine to create something entirely worthy of being part of the official Hellenic Club of Sydney. At a very special one-off event for the recent Good Food Month, Alpha teamed up with the fine meat purveyors at Haverick Meats to stage the 'Meat Lover's Lunch", a packed out affair which saw the city's most carnivorous and discerning diners spread out in the open space and dine and chow down on some exceptional meat creations.

Hello Asia! Japanese Film Festival 2014 Review: It All Began When I Met You (Japan, 2013)

There is something about Christmas time that makes our relationships stronger and the power of love seem even more magical. This magical time is so often the basis of a beautiful story. It All Began When I Met You tells many of these stories, following many different relationships in the lead up to a snow covered Christmas eve. Each has it’s own kind of love, and not all are a happily ever after, but all show the power of love and it’s ability to withstand time, distance and absence.

Photo Gallery: Kimbra + Banoffee - The Metro Theatre, Sydney (20.11.14)

Supported by Banoffee, Kimbra returned to The Metro Theatre last night and Belinda Dipalo was there to bring you these photos.

Party with the AU: Hijinks Retro Dance Party - Sealife (Sydney Aquarium) (13.11.14)

Who doesn’t love a trip to the aquarium? Not only do you see some odd squiggly things, memories of primary school excursions followed by sherbet lollipops abound! But now I’ve realized there’s a reason so many songs exalt praises of living under the sea.

Arts News: The Rocks Boatshed will bring film, music, activities, and art to Corroboree Sydney

Each year Indigenous arts and cultural festival Corroboree Sydney acts as a window into a rich and diverse culture which is among the most important aspects of Australia's heritage. The wide ranged program of the nation's largest Indigenous arts and cultural festival, which lasts from 21-30 November 2014, will be augmented by the introduction of The Rocks Boatshed

Arts Review: Confucius, a Dance Drama - State Theatre (18.11.14)

Often referred to as The Sage, Confucius is a staple in Chinese tradition and belief. In a celebration of the wisdom and life journey of the iconic sage 60 dancers of the China National Opera and Dance Drama Theatre bring his story to life. It is the story of a man who so drastically changed the moral and political landscape of China, and fought to bring harmony and wisdom to the court and people of China in the face of a discordant world and faltering King.

Hello Asia! Photo Gallery: Japanese Film Festival 2014 Opening Night - The Arthouse Hotel (13.11.14)

The 18th Japanese Film Festival kicked off in style at the Arthouse Hotel in Sydney with a pre-show reception for VIP guests of the festival. The Consulate-General of Japan, Sydney Mr Masato Takaoka was present to give the opening address. In attendance was the festival director Mr Masafumi Konomi. The Japanese Film Festival staff and volunteers dressed up in their kimonos in honour of the opening film 'Lady Maiko'. Photos by Johnny Au.

Hello Asia! Singapore Film Festival Sydney Opening - Monkey Baa Theatre (08.11.14)

Hosted by the Temasek Club at the Monkey Baa Theatre saw the Singapore Film Festival Sydney make its first milestone in the Australian film festival scene with a selection of three very different films from directors Michelle Chong, Kelvin Sng and Jack Neo.

Eating with the AU: Pink Salt - Double Bay (Sydney)

Double Bay restaurant Pink Salt, which first caught Australia’s attention in series two of My Restaurant Rules back in 2005 (it is the brainchild of contestants Evan and Bella), recently re-opened to reveal a brand new look – its been completely renovated, plus there’s a new menu and head chef in Mark Williamson, who’s worked at hip Sydney venues including Bondi Hardware and The Tilbury.

Hello Asia! SGFF 2014 Film Review: 3 Peas in a Pod (他她他) (NC16+) (Singapore, 2013)

3 Peas in a Pod follows three graduating uni students as they embark on a farewell trip before having to return to their respective countries. We first meet Singaporean girl Penny (Jae Liew) as she receives her first set of university results, she describes herself as your average girl and following that train of thought, she is dreading her results. She escapes the confines of the administration office to sneak a peek at her unexpected HD results and immediately calls her mum with the good news. Cue the awkward moment when a boy comes up to her claiming she’s picked up the wrong results and she fobs him off by saying she has a boyfriend already. This is the moment Penny Yang meets Perry Yang (Calvin Chen), a Taiwanese scholarship student, as well as receiving her real and very average results. In a flashback narration, she wonders if she fell in love for a moment with him as he gives her a cheeky smile and wave before heading off.

Photo Gallery: Yacht Club DJs - Oxford Art Factory, Sydney (15.11.14)

Yacht Club DJs gave an energetic performance at the Oxford Art Factory in Sydney on Saturday night on their farewell tour. Check out the photo gallery by Ashley Joanna:

Live Review: Betty & Oswald + Colin Jones + Lily So & The Bellows - Brighton Up Bar, Sydney (15.11.14)

The Brighton Up Bar is a curious venue for dancing, owing to the giant staircase that drops down in the middle of the dance floor. It doesn’t prevent it however, as it’s now nearing the end of Betty & Oswald’s single launch, and every single body in the bar is moving. They’re in the middle of a cover of Louis Prima’s “Just A Gigolo & I Ain’t Got Nobody”, vocalist and guitarist Pete Sotiropolous is bouncing on his toes, Claudia Schmidt skittering about behind her microphone.

Live Review: Tora + La Mar - Newtown Social Club, Sydney (14.11.14)

There is, sometimes, certain difficulty in translating a record to a live show. Songs that sound polished and perfected in the studio can often fall completely flat on stage – and this is even more apparent when there’s a reliance on the electronic, lest it becomes a laptop only gig.

Theatre Review: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe - Zenith Theatre, Chatswood (Performances to November 22nd)

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe musical, presented by the Chatswood Musical Society, is a delightful musical jaunt through C.S. Lewis’ classic tale that can be enjoyed by children and their parents alike.

Live Review: Manchester Orchestra + Apes + Kevin Devine - Metro Theatre, Sydney (15.11.14)

When Manchester Orchestra swing into Sydney, you know to expect the bearded masses, and by the end of the night, you know Andy Hull and his group will have hairy men embracing in sweaty excitement. All the more excited because this tour had the added bonus of Bad Books collaborator and fellow beard enthusiast Kevin Devine coming along for the ride.