Live Review: Eleanor Dunlop + New Brutalists + Nic Cassey - Brighton Up Bar (17.04.14)

A year is a long time to wait in the music industry; like the interminable wait for morning as Christmas Eve slowly ticks by. So there were plenty of people in attendance at Sydney’s Brighton Up Bar keen to finally see local artist Eleanor Dunlop launch her new self-titled EP, having waited a year since its recording, not least Dunlop herself.

Live Review: Bluejuice + Pluto Jonze - Rock Lily, Sydney (17.04.14)

Sydney’s Bluejuice are a truly unparalleled outfit: they’ve created a unique style of music, and completely owned it. Even in a relatively unconventional venue, The Star’s Rock Lily, Bluejuice brought the party to Good Friday Eve with their enthusiasm and extreme talent.

Photo Gallery: Morcheeba + Chali 2na - Metro Theatre (18.04.14)

The quite brilliant line-up of Morcheeba and Jurassic 5's Chali 2na took to the small stage at Sydney's Metro Theatre for a crowd-pleasing show. Evelyn Tjia was on hand to bring you these images snapped for the AU.

Live Review: Morcheeba + Chali 2na - The Metro Theatre, Sydney (17.04.14)

Morcheeba are one of those bands who claimed their success in the 90's, making a name for themselves all over Europe. Most folk would remember them from their hit single 'Rome Wasn't Built in a Day' which albeit a sweet tune, does not holistically represent their fusion sound. Blending elements of trip-hop, rock and electronica amongst other things, vocalist Skye Edwards and brothers Paul and Ross Godfrey pulled off a chilled eclectic set to ring in the long weekend, supported by Chali 2na, member of hip hop groups Jurassic 5 and Ozomatli.

Theatre Review: Strictly Ballroom The Musical - Lyric Theatre (Sydney)

Baz Luhrmann's timeless tale of ballroom rebellion remains one of the most endearing Australian films of our time. Back when Strictly Ballroom was released in the early 90's, it captivated audiences with its lovingly playful characters, and witty satire, balanced by dignified theatre. It's a tale which has lingered in the hearts of Australians irrespective of generation, so it makes perfect sense to update it with Strictly Ballroom the Musical, the current iteration of the story.

Live Review: Erykah Badu + Hiatus Kaiyote - The Star Event Centre (17.04.14)

Often labelled the 'Queen of Neo-Soul,' the incomparable Erykah Badu stands as a true luminary in the realms of hip-hop, R&B, soul, funk AND jazz. Her impact upon contemporary music is unquestionable to those who have explored her exceptional body of work, and she continues to demonstrate just why she is a muse to many around the world, from rappers like OutKast's Andre 3000 to designer brand Givenchy.

A Mighty Fine Meal: The Sandwiches of Two Good Eggs - Surry Hills (Sydney)

Cruising through one of the inner-west's most iconic suburbs is never a boring day out; the suburb with hidden gems in almost every corner remains a hub for great coffee and even greater food. I recently discovered the much buzzed about Two Good Eggs and their exceptional sandwiches.

Photo Gallery: Devendra Banhart - The Factory Theatre, Sydney (16.04.14)

Devendra Banhart performed his Sydney Bluesfest sideshow at The Factory Theatre and Belinda Dipalo was there to take these photos.

Drinking with the AU: Newtown Hotel Cider Fair - Newtown (Sydney)

The hipster haven that is Newtown Hotel was a perfect spot to host stalls from several cider brands, turning the showcase into a full afternoon fair complete with delicious pork & apple burgers and breezy folk music. There is something about cider which lends itself to a laid-back atmosphere, whether it's the fresh fruit hand-picked from all across Australia, or the clean, sweet taste of the finished product; cider is, and is looking to always be, the drink we run to when we want to relax.

Live Review: Dave Matthews Band + Gary Clark Jr - QANTAS Credit Union Arena (15.04.14)

Those who have read my article earlier in the week will already know that I'm a fan of the Dave Matthews Band. They're a band I've grown up with in many ways, and between 2005 and 2007 I had the opportunity to catch them three times between Australia and the USA. What followed was what some might call a drought of opportunity; a drought that ended tonight with the band's first performance in Sydney in seven years.

Live Review: Chance Waters + Brendan Maclean - Oxford Art Factory (12.04.14)

More than a few eyebrows were raised when Australian emcee Chance Waters announced that the special guest for his "A Transit Officer Beat Up My Brother So I Wrote A Funny Song About Him" tour would be none other than local singer-songwriter and all-round fabulous artist Brendan Maclean. It's a pairing you wouldn't really expect coming from a rapper and a national gay icon, but then again, Chance isn't your typical emcee.

Photo Gallery: Dave Matthews Band + Gary Clark Jr - QANTAS Credit Union Arena (15.04.14)

An amazing night of world class music with Dave Matthews Band and supported by Gary Clark Jr at the Qantas Credit Union Arena in Sydney. Photos by Johnny Au.

Party with the AU: Bondi Hardware's Second Birthday - Bondi Beach (Sydney)

People from all over the world flock to the iconic Bondi beach during the day but have often tended to crawl back into the CBD come nightfall. Bondi Hardware is a crafty small bar-slash-restaurant which has bent that trend for the past two years, beckoning people to stay all day in one of Sydney's most popular suburbs.

Theatre Review: The Gigli Concert - Darlinghurst Theatre Company, Eternity Playhouse (Performances through 4th May)

JPW King, is a self-titled “dynamatologist” – a quack who mixes metaphysics with scientology and self-help therapy. He’s down-and-out, broke, and living in his crumbling practice. He meets a mysterious Irish millionaire, who, after a large amount of probing, reveals his one wish in life is to sing like the famous tenor Gigli. King becomes obsessed with the Irishman and through the following seven days, aims to find out what makes this mysterious, unnamed and unhinged man tick.

Hello Asia! Photo Gallery: Jay Chou - Allphones Arena (11.04.14)

Taiwanese superstar Jay Chou brought his Opus Jay world tour to Sydney. Lavish stage production highlighted an enjoyable evening. Hollee Gavin brings you these pictures from the concert.