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Live Review: Safia + Boo Seeka + Owen Rabbit - Woolly Mammoth, Brisbane (27.08.15)

Safia have been absolutely killing it this year. With single after single, they have been getting so much radio play as well as selling out show gigs all across the country. The last time I saw Safia was at Brisbane’s BIGSOUND conference last year, and holy wow, what a difference a year makes. They have really stepped up their game and brought the production of their live show up to a whole new level.

Photo Gallery and Live Review: The Dillinger Escape Plan + Caligula's Horse - Max Watts, Brisbane (30.08.15)

The newly rebranded Maxx Watt’s (formerly known as The Hi-Fi) played host to The Dillinger Escape Plan and newly signed prog-rock locals Caligula’s Horse for the final show of the tour. Julian Panetta was there and brings us these words and photos from the show:

Live Review: 112 + Adam Katz - Metro Theatre (29.08.15)

There has been an enthusiastic push of late 90's/early 00's R&B and hip hop nostalgia in Australia as of late. Just recently Ja Rule and Ashanti, two performers who haven't really made any noise for almost a decade now, managed to surprisingly sell out the Enmore Theatre as well as many other venues on their nation-wide tour. Now comes 112, another big part of that period that hasn't been heard from for awhile, and another act selling out shows across the country.

Live Review and Photos: Volumes Music Festival (Part Two) - Oxford Square, Oxford Street, Sydney (29.08.15)

Usually Oxford Street at 4 o’clock in the arvo boasts nothing more than a few old guys having a VB at the local pub, and maybe a couple of loud and obnoxious girls with penis paraphernalia going out for a hens night. You can imagine how shocked they’d have been this past Saturday when Oxford Square was flooded with hundreds of music enthusiasts, transforming the street into the new music festival to keep an eye on, VOLUMES.

Live Review: Timberwolf + Stonefox + Skies - Adelaide Unibar, Adelaide (28.08.15)

Adelaide is coming up with some cool things right now... The Timberwolf show at the UniBar on Friday night was a good example of this – of the three bands on the lineup, two (including the headliner) were very talented local bands. It's a good thing to see.

Live Review: Volumes Music Festival (Part One) - Oxford Square, Oxford Street, Sydney (29.08.15)

Volumes festival showcased a whole lot of talent by taking over Oxford Art Factory, Brighton Up Bar and The Cliff Dive from the mid afternoon through until late Saturday night. Click through for our full review...

Live Review: Regurgitator + Polish Club + Godswounds - Manning Bar, Sydney (29.08.15)

It’s hard to believe that it’s been an entire ten years since Aussie legends Regurgitator last set foot in University of Sydney’s Manning Bar, and quite frankly, it’s a combination that I need to see more of. The room was filled with thirty-something’s, re-enacting the last time they saw the band when they, presumably, were still in university.

Live Review: Regurgitator + Godswounds + Mystery School - The Zoo, Brisbane (27.08.15)

After a two and a half year hiatus, Regurgitator has returned to the stage bringing their effervescent infectious energy with them. The Brisbane show marked their first stop of the tour, and it was like no time had passed at all!

Live Review: Darren Middleton + Sahara Beck - The Vanguard, Sydney (28.08.15)

It’s always nice to see that, regardless of time, there are some Australian artists who continue to perform and remain mesmerising to watch each time you see them. Whether you saw Darren Middleton onstage with his former band Powderfinger. Or during the short-lived days of his earlier side-project band Drag. Or more recently flying solo under his own name. Each time he has been able to bring a little charm and charisma to the stage. Tonight was no exception.

Live Review: West Thebarton Brothel Party - Jive, Adelaide (22.08.15)

The West Thebarton Brothel Party boys packed Jive out well on Saturday night, the official launch party for their debut self-titled EP. The band has been growing a strong fan base in Adelaide in recent months and their time supporting some pretty impressive Australian and international names, has brought them to the attention of many different type of Adelaide music fan who may be on the look out for something new. Their gathering at Jive represented not only the supportive network of fellow Adelaide musicians and friends within these circles, but a good percentage of people looking to kick on well into their Saturday night - the chaos the boys brought to the show was the perfect way to do so.

Live Review: Hiatus Kaiyote - The Metro Theatre, Sydney (20.08.15)

Photo Credit: Belinda Dipalo

With the release of their debut Tawk Tomahawk in 2013, Hiatus Kaiyote emerged fully formed from the Melbourne suburbs, playing the kind of kaleidoscopic soul jazz that was so far beyond anything else in the scene that they transcended it straight away - all the way into the Grammy Awards. The track "Nakamurra", featuring Q-Tip, earned them the honour of being the first Australian band ever nominated for an R &B Grammy, bringing with it plenty of highbrow international acclaim long before they became recognisable to most at home.

Live Review: Jack Carty + Jordan Millar - Grace Emily Hotel, Adelaide (20.08.15)

On a rainy Thursday evening in Adelaide, the Grace Emily Hotel down the city's west end hosts two of my favourite Australian songwriters for a generous night of live music and good time times. Jack Carty and Jordan Millar have been touring together around the country over the past few weeks in their 'By Request' format and it's been one that has been incredibly well-received. With the idea of the show being that the fans dictate each set via suggestions made prior to the show, both Carty's and Millar's sets present themselves as unique in each city. There are obvious favourites that have been popping up, a few surprises and, as we saw on this night, a foray into the golden era of the 90's boy band.

Live Review: James Bay - Metro Theatre, Sydney (12.08.15)

On Wednesday night, award-winning singer/songwriter James Bay achieved a feat new musicians touring Australia all aim to accomplish, selling out the iconic Metro Theatre.

Live Review: Neighbourhood Youth - The Gasometer Hotel, Melbourne (07.08.15)

Timing is a funny thing in music, isn’t it? I’m not speaking technically here, but more so when you first hear a band that you reeeeally like and you are so captivated by their sound, by their story etc. Regardless of where they are in their career, whether that be well established or literally just starting out, that first time you hearing them is a completely new experience for you.

Splendour Sideshow Review: Death Cab for Cutie + Say Hi - Metro City, Perth (06.08.15)

Photo Credit: Stuart Sevastos.

Thursday evening saw Death Cab for Cutie play the final show of their Australian tour, their first since 2012, at Perth’s Metro City. An event that saw certain OC memes flood social media in the days and weeks running up to the gig.