Live Review: The Script + Colton Avery - Allphones Arena, Sydney (01.05.15)

Last October, Sydney fans were fortunate enough to be graced with a show by The Script at The Metro in the midst of the promotion for their latest album, No Sound Without Silence. Just seven months later, the Irish rocking trio has returned to Aussie shores on their world tour.

Many would know of the struggling path to make it in the music industry. Colton Avery is no exception. Having almost given up on his musical dreams, Avery played a gig where a band bought a copy of his CD. This band was no other than The Script and the singer/songwriter from Phoenix is now supporting the three piece on their world tour. Armed with his guitar, Avery did a solid job of warming up the crowd with many heads bopping along.

Not long after Avery completed his set, the lights dropped and the audience were delivered with nothing short of an incredible entrance as the headliners made their way through the mosh pit and onto the stage, commencing with "Paint The Town Green". The atmosphere of the arena kicked up a few notches and the volume from both the band and fans vocalising was enough to raise the roof. The songs that followed included "Hail, Rain or Sunshine" and one of their greatest hits, and possibly the song that made them known in Australia, "Breakeven". The band kept banter to a minimum, churning out song after song as the band reached the main part of their set list with hits "Before The Worst", "Superheroes" and "If You Could See Me Now".

Guitarist Mark Sheehan then took a break to introduce their next song by discussing how one should be careful of what their song is written about, as a music video follows. Sheehan then went to show how he had to face his fear of heights when filming the music video for "Man On A Wire", as the arena was presented with a picture of him being held up by a harness off the side of a building. Sing-a-longs were roused from the audience with crowd favourite "Nothing", as frontman Danny O'Donoghue bounced from one side of the stage to the other.

The arena then went dark and a few short minutes later, the trio surprised fans by appearing on a smaller stage towards the back on the arena, providing fans at the back of the mosh pit and those seating with a better chance of seeing them up close. On the second stage, the rockers performed "Never Seen Anything" and "Man Who Can't Be Moved". One of the most memorable aspects of The Script performing is their interaction with the audience. In transitioning back to the main stage, some fans were lucky enough to sing with O'Donoghue in the track "You Won't Feel A Thing" as he made his way through some of the rows in the seating area of the arena; some fans even managed a to sneak a quick selfie with the frontman.

Back on the main stage, the trio performed "Six Degrees of Separation" and "It's Not Right For You" before bidding the crowd goodnight. Die-hard fans knew better than to think that was the end of the trio's performance as they sang lyrics to the trio's songs and chanted "The Script". Sure enough, the rockers were back on stage for their encore which consisted of "Energy Never Dies", "For The First Time" and "No Good In Goodbye". The night finished off with "Hall Of Fame" and drummer Glen Power putting his impressive skills on show.

Although the band did not hint any future plans to return to the land down under as yet, I'm sure it won't be too long before the Irish trio are back with another tour.