Live Review: Hanson + Adam Martin - Enmore Theatre, Sydney (08.08.14)

The year is 1996. The summery, catchy sounds of young brothers Hanson grace your ears for the first time in the form of the spectacular and iconic "MMMBop" – a tune that will no doubt one day sit in your mind as an anthem of youth, packed full of nostalgia.

However, unless you were dedicated enough to follow the band's subsequent endeavours, chances are you probably aren't too familiar with their current material, or even the fact that they're still making music. Despite this, when Hanson took to the stage at the Enmore Theatre, Sydney, as part of their Anthem tour, it was made clear that although they are often viewed as being that band that had the one hit wonder in the 90s, this trio of brothers have a lot more to give.

Opening the night was Adam Martin, a singer/songwriter who first made a name for himself as a contestant on the 2012 season of The Voice. He charmed the packed out audience with his pleasant, acoustic sound that’s easy on the ear, chucking in a cover every now and again to break up his set of originals. It would have been nice to see Martin produce a set comprised entirely of original tracks – considering the large following of the band he was supporting – but all in all, the set was beautiful, his dreamy voice whisking the audience away into a world of peace and tranquility.

It didn’t take long for the energy of the venue to pick itself up to extraordinary levels. As soon as Hanson emerged from side stage, the crowd, full of 20-something-year-olds, suddenly seemed to lose ten years of its life, as we all reverted back to the mentality of pre-teen fan-girls.

Opening with “Fired Up”, Hanson kick started their set with a bang, enchanting the audience immediately with their boy band charm and wowing with their exceptional musical ability, which mimicked that of a seasoned rock’n’roll group; fitting, considering the three brothers have been playing together all their lives.

Their set continued flawlessly, each song as catchy and funky as the last, and each performed as brilliantly as the last. Interspersed between the songs were moments of friendly banter that left the hearts of girls throbbing and a resounding echo of “aren’t they nice?” coming from the mouths of fans scattered across every corner of the room. Highlights of the night included “Where’s The Love”, a 90s hit that had people busting out choreographed dance moves, “Thinking ‘Bout Somethin’”, “A Minute Without You”, “Penny & Me” and of course, “MMMBop”.

A pleasant surprise came halfway through the night, when the two touring band members exited the stage, leaving Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson alone with acoustic guitars in order to play a more intimate run of songs. The folky tune “On and On” began this run, showcasing a softer side of the brothers’ vocals and giving them a chance to demonstrate their incredible ability when it comes to harmonising. All three also got a chance to have the spotlight to themselves, each performing a solo acoustic song. Unsurprisingly, each could hold their own and they executed their individual pieces brilliantly.

From start to finish, the pure energy and excitement of the night never wore off. It was an evening of funky tunes, an abundance of glow sticks, dancing, screaming, and just all-round good times. If anything, the evening of performances gave justification to the fact that although Hanson may have made it big almost 20 years ago, their talent hasn’t worn off. If anything, they’re stronger than ever.