Live Review: Bombay Bicycle Club + City Calm Down + East - Metro Theatre Sydney (28.09.14)

Bombay Bicycle Club have made their last mark on Australia's shores. Though East were a good start and City Calm Down was a lot of fun, the crowd simply couldn't stand still while they waited for the headliner. City Calm Down is a Melbourne outfit and they were the perfect setting for the show. Fun, creative and a little bit retro - it was a good vibe to set the tone.

What really made this show superb was the variety of the set list. Many of the crowd were expecting Bombay Bicycle Club to only play songs from the newest album So Long, See You Tomorrow, as is the custom with promoting these sorts of things, but they played it all. There were favourites like, "How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep?", from the second last album to hit shelves A Different Kind of Fix, as well as the really old tracks for veteran fans like "Always Like This".

The all ages event drew in a versatile crowd. There were blokes who could rock a beard and as such rock a beer too, all the way to gaggles of giggling school girls squealing when Jack Steadman took the stage. AU had actually interviewed Jack Steadman a while ago. We asked him what he was looking forward to and he confessed his favourite part was when he gets to play the drums in the track "Feel". At the Metro Theatre, you could definitely tell he was enjoying himself smashing out on his little drum set. After Jack praised Sydney with some rather high regards, they naturally had to finish with "So Long, See You Tomorrow". The incredible lights swathed the crowd in deep blues and burning reds before flashing insane strobes that drove the masses mad.

The encore was devious and totally rock 'n' roll. After the crowd spent a good six minutes stomping their feet and demanding an encore, there was a brief wave of doubt in the crowd that Bombay Bicycle Club would come back on. Then suddenly, one lonely drummer Suren de Saram, appeared out of the dark. A small light above him lit up every time he thumped the bass drum. It looked like a glowing heart pumping faster and faster. The crowd stomped and clapped with him in time as the tempo picked up then suddenly, all the stage exploded into light as Bombay Bicycle Club joined us one last time. They finished the night on another play with "Carry Me" and it seemed like everyone knew the words.

Sadly, that was Bombay Bicycle Club's last show in Australia. They now fly to the United States to continue performing and then it's on to Canada before they return to England in December. No one knows when they will return to Sydney, but if this was their last for a while ,then they certainly went out with a big, bass-y bang.