Live Review: Tkay Maidza + Willow Beats + Porsches - Capitol, Perth (19.09.15)

After exploding onto every festival for the past year Tkay Maidza has kicked of her own national tour, getting down to Perth on Saturday night with a slew of supports all showing off new songs. Although the night started extremely early, the young crowd were more than happy to start partying with most flashing their fresh merch (Tkay has socks guys) and enough energy to keep the acts smiling.

Porsches scored the brutal opening time of 8pm last night but didn’t appeared phased by the mostly empty room, the three guys making their own party as they danced around in matching adidas tracksuits. Their music was beautifully clear, the production unwarped by the live setting as they went through new tracks like “Karate” and “High” before finishing up with “Horses”. On a night filled with so many amazing bands playing across the city (SAFIA were just next door), these guys were a pretty big influencer on gig choice and it definitely paid off. The lush tunes and excitable vibe had the few punters there ready to do jumping jacks right with them.

Command Q came out in colour spinning some great tracks before Willow Beats arrived submerging the room in their dark sultry pop production, taking turns at vocals as they covered the stage. Tkay was caught watching the action from upstairs, receiving a barrage of screams from the floor. The crowd were pretty entranced by Kalyani’s hypnotic movements and the dense melodic beats with some new material from their latest recordings getting a taster.

LK McKay threw on a 90s-00s rave while stage crew set up strange giant inflatable eggs before introducing Tkay Maidza to the room, coming out in her practically trademarked tennis skirt bearing that genuine excitement as always. The crowd were instructed to put their finger guns in the air as she jumped into “U-Huh” and “Switch Lanes”, the Capitol floorboards feeling the strain when “Brontosaurus” pounded through the speakers. The fast paced energy fell slightly for new track “Monochrome” as the rap versus drew out but quickly reignited with the crowd going off for “M.O.B”.

There were shouts for encore although it was hard to think of any hits Tkay hadn’t spun that night, her vocals were flawless as always and it has been great to watch this festival opener progress to her own sold out club shows. A truly solid night of great dance tunes across three versatile acts that just seemed to complement each other and I don’t think anyone left without a buzz. Even if you have caught her act a few times, Tkay Maidza’s infectious energy isn’t one that you will tire over too easily, you can catch her on the remaining legs of the tour and make sure to turn up early!


For remaining tour dates, head to Tkay's Facebook Page.