Live Review: The Jungle Giants + Art of Sleeping - Metropolis, Fremantle (04.09.15)

Touring for the release of their latest album Speakerzoid, we caught The Jungle Giants on the first leg in Fremantle and had one heck of a party. With a night full of energy and oozing sincerity from both acts The Jungle Giants brought their long list of popular tracks with them and proved why they are one of the indie darlings of the year.

The crowd was already buzzing at 9pm, with Metropolis always managing to put on a good vibe for live music. Art of Sleeping came on to support and just gave a killer performance it was practically a separate show entirely. Recently here for their own tour their live set is not one to miss. Carrying a strong atmospheric and enveloping folk rock sound the five piece played a started out with "Empty Hands" and "Above The Water" before moving on to songs from their new release Shake Shiver and throwing in a cover of Frank Ocean's "Lost" mid set that had everyone bouncing along.

As with any support act it was slow to start from the crowd's side, but not in that awkward early politeness kind of way; the floor was packed and it felt like quiet admiration. However as tracks like "Crazy" and "Voodoo" rang out that quickly built to punters following the lyrics and on the final track breaking out the snapchat videos. The layering of guitar, soulful vocals and ever building percussion just demands all your senses, they truly have been one of my favourite acts to catch this year and confirmed themselves to be massive fans of the Perth crowds too despite their managers protests.

The Jungle Giants appeared to much applause pouring through the favourites of "Domesticated Man", "She's a Riot", "Skin to Bone" straight off the bat, it was a non-stop party with frontman Sam Hales egging the crowd on throughout to clap harder, jump higher and sing louder. Andrew Dooris on bass was as energetic as ever matching Sam's sassy hip swaying at every turn. When "Mr Polite" erupted through the room the band were all smiles with Sam calling out that it was like starting a beautiful relationship - "I feel like we're dating, I feel like Drake!".

Breaking out a tambourine as they started into Speakerzoid and even a flute for "Every Kind of Way" telling the crowd "If you can sing all the lyrics in a row I'll give you ten bucks" before adding that it was harder than it looked as he let out a laugh in the second verse. The Jungle Giants closed out with "Kooky Eyes" after leaving an eerie static note ringing before the encore with Sam staying out on stage to give a heartfelt thanks.

It had everything you would expect from a gig just supercharged, from the guitarists leaping off the drum base to Sam sculling a beer on the crowds demand - twice, to the over enthusiastic stage diver who hit the floor like a dead weight. The lighting throughout both sets was amazing, especially as it shuttered along with The Jungle Giants flooding the stage in red before green lazers would shoot through during a chorus, it electrified the already bursting energy and made a memorable night.