Live Review: Fat Freddy's Drop + Oscar Key Sung - Zoo Twilight at Melbourne Zoo (08.03.14)

Fat Freddy's Drop brought their chilled-out, laid-back sounds to the Melbourne Zoo on Saturday night, the picnic-style atmosphere proving to be the perfect setting for the relaxed and largely barefoot crowd.

As the headline and final act in this season's 'Zoo Twilight' Series, the New Zealand seven-piece really put on a show. Before Fat Freddy's Drop took the stage, Melbourne-based act Oscar Key Sung set the mood with his mellow and sensual sounds. Best known for his role in the duo Oscar + Martin, the 23-year-old revealed his experimental style of synth, hip-hop and R+B.

A somewhat different act in both size and musical stylings, it was a chance for the newcomer to try his solo material out on the huge mass of Fat Freddy's Drop fans.

Opening with the title track from their most recent release Blackbird, Fat Freddy's Drop got their excitable - and mostly Kiwi - fans bopping along their unique brand of dub, reggae, funk, soul, blues and electro.
From the first note, the huge sold-out crowd leapt from their picnic blankets to their feet after being instructed by frontman Joe Dukie (Dallas Tamaira) to dance.

The band belted out some of their biggest tracks from all three of their albums, most notably the hugely popular 'Roady' from the band's debut album Based on a True Story all the way back in 2005, before taking the audience down their own path.

Using the gig as a chance to jam with what appeared to be no structure or forethought, the seven-piece let their instruments guide them. Trombone player Hopepa (Joe Lindsay) took this to a whole other level and really gave it his all, at one point taking off his shirt and dancing around the stage as though it was his bedroom. But the audience didn't mind, his enthusiastic and energetic performance was hysterical to watch and only made fans more excited to be there.