Live Review: Tkay Maidza + Willow Beats + Porches + L.K. McKay - Oh Hello!, Brisbane (25.09.15)

Photo Credit: Lauren Connelly

Tkay Maidza has been going from strength to strength of late, and tonight truly showed what this pocket powerhouse is capable of. She brought all the noise hipsters out of their hiding places, but this made for a killer vibe in the room.

Opening the festivities however was Porches. They had a really fun dance vibe going on which made people get to their feet., luring them to the front of the room, The frontman was very energetic and really entertaining to watch, and coupled with his killer falsetto was just oh so good.

The next band to play was Willow Beats. Now this was rad. The duo was really something else, with great beats and such an engaging performance. Their song “Incantation” had some amazing things happening, including live flute playing! Really rather cool. The second to last song was a real banger, the bass got under your skin in the best possible way, with a beautifully placed drop. Yet at the same time, it was groovy. Check these guys out, as they have some really cool things going on!

To transition from Willow Beats to Tkay was L.K. McKay. He remixed a whole bunch of hit tunes including The Weekend, Spice Girls, and some Skepta. He really got the stage warm for Tkay.

Now, I’ve seen Tkay Maidza twice before, both as part of BIGSOUND. But, both times were very disappointing. One year, she blew out the power to the venue cutting her set short, and the next year, the fun police were killing the vibe with noise restrictions on the outdoor stage. Tonight was a completely different ball game. When I saw that the bass was thumping, read that it was so intense that even standing almost at the back of the venue you could feel it pulsating through your very bones.

She performed all of her hugely well know tracks, including “Switch Lanes”, “U-Huh”, “Brontasaurous” and of course “M.O.B.”. She is seriously just getting better and better. She has found her niche, and is absolutely killing it. One thing I hadn’t noticed is what a beautiful vibrato she has in her voice. It was really prominent in “Switch Lanes” and really contrasted her rapping.

This was such a boisterous gig both in terms of the crowd and in terms of the bass. It was loose and Tkay took advantage of this playing the crowd in all their enthusiasm.