Live Review: Maybeshewill + Solkyri + We Lost the Sea - The Crowbar, Brisbane (28.09.14)

We Lost the Sea hit the stage first, their opening song an all swallowing ocean of guitar sound that grows and grows.  The followup starts meanderingly but as the guitars trade sparse melody, it builds until until the band finally reveals its metal teeth with a snarl. The beautiful soundscape is ripped away with a burst of heaviness, each drumbeat hitting with the force of a bouldre as the guitars race away. The third evolves into a chugging metallic anthem from a mournful electronica solo. We Lost the Sea's standout feature is the sheer momentum behind each of their songs, each totally sweeping me away.

Solkyri is a band i had last seen 3 years ago but they have matured out of sight since then. Their sound is post rock shorn of its melodramaticness and replaced with constant, unrestrained exuberance. The xylophone is a nice touch among the guitars breakneck speed, with bass guitar played half as a normal bass and half as a third guitar. The soaring chorus of 'His Ghost will Invade Puerto Rico' with its stuttering drums is the highlight of the set. The band's former more experimental touches are still evident in the ever-surprising twists and turns of melody. These guys are ones to watch in Australia's post rock scene in the near future.

And finally, it's onto the British headliner Maybeshewill with their unique bright pandemonium of electronica and post rock. It's a set that draws on all of the band's history, from the melody-focused Sing the Word Hope to the raw debut Not For Want of Trying and even the newest album Fair Youth, with its fuller more orchestral sound.The  older harsher songs get the better reception, with the newer material harder to translate to live stage. However, title track 'Fair Youth' is the standout of the new material, the singing keyboards riding over the guitars as the drums finally are allowed to unleash.

The final three tracks are the pinnacle of the night. 'In Another Life, When We Were Cats' with its driving sorrow and ticks of drum and bass build the scene perfectly for the guitars to wail away. From this, its straight onto the burning thrashing chords of 'Not For Want of Trying, its perfectly selected sample decrying modern media, the small price put on human life and our apathy. The band the  finishes the  night with 'He Films the Clouds Pt2', the uplifting, crowd-singalong chorus the first I've ever experienced at a post rock concert and a truly beautiful moment.