Live Review: Last Dinosaurs + Palms + The Jensens - The Triffid, Brisbane (25.09.15)

Photo Credit: Aidan Hogg (View th Gallery)

It’s been a month since Last Dinosaurs released their sophomore studio album Wellness. To pay it forward, these indie rockers have kicked off their Australian tour in Brisbane, inviting along their dedicated and loyal fan base; something about their sound and lyrics seem to emanate with Australia’s younger listeners. To appreciate that faithfulness, Last Dinosaurs even put on a specifically Under 18’s show at The Triffid earlier that day, tactfully timed with school holidays. Being the cynical, jaded writers we are, we came along to the 18+ show later that night.

For a relatively small venue, The Jensens and Palms put up a good fight of filling the space with their sound. Palms especially have found their niche, repeatedly getting demand at Brisbane gigs and lineups.

By the time the Triffid prepared to present Last Dinosaurs, the crowd was packed in tighter than airtight plastic on a vinyl. This performance was definitely a show for the fans. Front man Sean Caskey announced, “This is the 100 year anniversary we’ve been singing Honolulu”. It seemed it was hard to hear Sean singing over the sheer amount of fans yelling the words back. Hits like “Andy” and “Time and Place” also needed little input from the band, as the fans knew all the words.

What would’ve been nice for the older crowd in the second show would have been more covers. Caskey complained that no one in the under 18’s knew who Jamiroquai was. Regardless, he dedicated the next segment to “Michael Jackson’s rotting corpse”. Despite the morose imagery their cover of “Rock With You” really was one of the best performances in the evening. The crowd was greeted with a snippet of “Believe” by Cher but the moment was fleeting. Suddenly we swung into Jamiroquai’s “You Give Something”. The only let down with this was the levels. By the time we reached “You Give Something” the keyboards were so loud and overpowering that Caskey was drowned out almost entirely.

The covers were fantastic. Before the close of the evening, Caskey toyed with the crowds. Riffing the beginning of “Teen Spirit” before cutting short. Such promise and a clear inclination that the band has the skills to do it, but the carpet was ripped from under the crowd’s feet.

Another stand-out for the night was “Wellness”. It’s a bit of a change from the previous album, full of synths and glitches and an ethereal sense of happiness. The night closed with fan favourite “Zoom”. Naturally, an encore was imminent. They returned cheerful to rock out one last time with “I Can’t Help You”. It’ll be interesting to see if they can keep up this cult affection from Australian youth. But their showmanship and 90s throwbacks suggest they have a few good tours left in them yet.

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