Live Review: The 1975 + Circa Waves - Hordern Pavilion, Sydney (16.01.15)

It had been a long time since I’d attended a show at the Hordern Pavilion, and I didn’t expect the big return to be for such an oddly mixed bill - by arena standards at least. A massive turnout at the Enmore in 2014, and one sold out show at the Hordern “forced” Manchester rockers The 1975 to extend the invitation to another Hordern-load of fans, with their friends Circa Waves tagging along for the ride.

Live Review: Semplesize Block Party Feat. Banoffee + Milwaukee Banks + Deja - Howler, Melbourne (07.12.14)

Arriving on typically grey but strangely muggy Melbourne Sunday afternoon, Howler in Brunswick became the ideal venue for the annual Semplesize Block Party. Tucked in behind the beer garden at the entrance, the Howler band room transformed into a veritable playground of raw, local talent that seemed to catered to every music lover’s taste.

Event Review: Armageddon Expo - Day 2, Melbourne Showgrounds (19.10.14)

Day 2 of Armageddon was another massive day of fun and special guests including Doctor Who's Jenna Coleman and Stargate Atlantis stars David Hewlett and David Nykl as well as the favourite cosplay parade.

Event Review: Armageddon Expo Day 1 - Melbourne Showgrounds (18.10.14)

The Armageddon Expo dropped by Melbourne this weekend, providing a fun environment for geeks to well, 'geek out' on their favourite fandoms and share their obsessions for all things television, sci-fi, mystical and comical with other fans.

Live Review: The Griswolds + Castlecomer + Sea Legs - The Metro, Sydney (11.10.14)

The Griswolds are home. These words seemed to be theme of the night as loyal locals packed The Metro on Saturday for the band;s first Sydney show since the release of their debut album Be Impressive. Coming off the back of a mammoth stint around the U.S, in their hometown of Sydney and on lead singer Chris Whitehall’s birthday no less, I’d say there wasn't a soul in the popular Sydney haunt that could say they weren't ready to party. As if you needed a band like The Griswolds to give you a reason.

Live Review: Stillwater Giants + Coach Bombay + Winston Surfshirt - Beach Road Hotel, Bondi (13.09.14)

The Beach Road Hotel in Bondi is a brilliant venue for a couple of reasons. It’s down the road from the beach for one. The majority of gigs that go down there are free, all the while consistently featuring some of Australia’s top artists. It’s also a curious venue that can fluctuate between high capacity, rowdy crowds and intimate displays of musicianship depending on the clientele on any given night. Coming off the back of BIGSOUND, Stillwater Giants and Coach Bombay stopped by Sydney this past Saturday for a night of the latter, truly earning the appreciation of the new fans they gained on the night.

Album Review: Kishi Bashi - Lighght (2014 LP)

Life as a solo artist could get quite lonely, I’d imagine. It’s a message you could easily take from the cover of this album if you just looked closely. After running in packs with the likes of Of Montreal and Regina Spektor, Kishi Bashi’s latest LP Lighght (pronounced “Light”) is spritely with philosophy and self discovery - or whatever. Fact is, after covertly taking the blog-o-sphere by storm with his critical masterpiece 151a back in 2012, Kishi has taken to a life of musical solitary and produced an album that makes you feel, think and... appreciate shit.

Opera Review: Philip Glass Trilogy - Part Three "Satyagraha" - Her Majesty's Theatre, Adelaide (09.08.14)

Satyagraha is the third opera of the Philip Glass Trilogy that the State Opera of South Australia has presented this week. Telling the story of Gandhi, it draws inspiration and fragments from the first two Operas. It has the repetitive melody of Einstein on the Beach but is more story based like Akhnaten.

Opera Review: Philip Glass Trilogy - Part Two "Einstein on the Beach" - Her Majesty's Theatre, Adelaide (07.08.14)

Philip Glass’ Einstein on the Beach is an epic opera, usually taking five hours. It is normally performed at an outdoor event where people can move around during the performance, however, the State Opera of South Australia presented it in four one hour parts over the course of an evening with a meal break in the middle.

Album Review: Morrissey - World Peace is None of Your Business (2014 LP)

Poetic and grudge fuelled, Morrissey resumes his polarising solo career with studio album number 10, World Peace Is None Of Your Business. It’s a wrestle with relevance that aging icons face as every new release is met with a healthy dose of cynicism, but veterans don’t always show their age. Bowie nailed it with The Next Day, as did Tom Waits with Bad As Me but Morrissey misses the mark of true reinvention on this effort.

Album Review: Bombay Show Pig - Bombay Show Pig (2014 EP)

Trending; the modern day vernacular attributed to popular movements and topics of the time. Granted the life span of said trends are about as short lived as a goldfish’s memory, the male / female rock duo is a far less perishable trend that might just deserve the tag line given its significant boom in recent times (Blood Red Shoes, Cults, The Kills, Sleigh Bells et al.).

Adelaide Cabaret Festival Review: Tim Freedman - Freedman Does Nilsson "A Live Imagining" - Dunstan Playhouse, Adelaide (11.06.14)

An intimate, brooding affair: Tim Freedman does Nilsson is a musical experience like no other. Delivering a frighteningly authentic depiction of what a real Nilsson show might have entailed, Freedman’s take on Nilsson’s greats combined with a carefully constructed monologue drenched in black humour is downright captivating.

Adelaide Festival Review: Isabella Rossellini in Green Porno - Her Majesty's Theatre (15.03.14)

Isabella Rossellini steps onto the stage in front of a full house at Her Majesty’s Theatre to rousing applause. She is carrying a basket with two bunches of flowers, one of beautiful blooms and one of weed-like plants and explains how the blooms act like foreplay to the insects, which fertilise the flowers, whereas the weeds are fertilised by pollen blowing in the wind. So begins her fascinating monologue on the sex lives of animals. The fact that flower blooms are a potent symbol of sexual reproduction yet can be found in churches, for example, amused her.

Adelaide Festival Review: Unsound: Snowtown: Live and Stars of the Lid - The Adelaide Town Hall, Adelaide (06.03.14)

Thursday night saw the iconic Adelaide Town Hall filled with the eerie sounds of Jed Kurzel’s award-winning Snowtown score, and influential duo Stars of the Lid joined by Zephyr Quartet.

Adelaide Festival Review: John Waters, This Filthy World Vol 2 - Elder Hall (06.03.14)

The anticipation in the air was palpable as the Elder Hall filled with people waiting to hear John Waters speak for the Adelaide Festival. The stage is minimalist - a green floral arrangement on a white stand with red lighting at the rear.