Album Review: Bombay Show Pig - Bombay Show Pig (2014 EP)

Trending; the modern day vernacular attributed to popular movements and topics of the time. Granted the life span of said trends are about as short lived as a goldfish’s memory, the male / female rock duo is a far less perishable trend that might just deserve the tag line given its significant boom in recent times (Blood Red Shoes, Cults, The Kills, Sleigh Bells et al.).

Adelaide Cabaret Festival Review: Tim Freedman - Freedman Does Nilsson "A Live Imagining" - Dunstan Playhouse, Adelaide (11.06.14)

An intimate, brooding affair: Tim Freedman does Nilsson is a musical experience like no other. Delivering a frighteningly authentic depiction of what a real Nilsson show might have entailed, Freedman’s take on Nilsson’s greats combined with a carefully constructed monologue drenched in black humour is downright captivating.

Adelaide Festival Review: Isabella Rossellini in Green Porno - Her Majesty's Theatre (15.03.14)

Isabella Rossellini steps onto the stage in front of a full house at Her Majesty’s Theatre to rousing applause. She is carrying a basket with two bunches of flowers, one of beautiful blooms and one of weed-like plants and explains how the blooms act like foreplay to the insects, which fertilise the flowers, whereas the weeds are fertilised by pollen blowing in the wind. So begins her fascinating monologue on the sex lives of animals. The fact that flower blooms are a potent symbol of sexual reproduction yet can be found in churches, for example, amused her.

Adelaide Festival Review: Unsound: Snowtown: Live and Stars of the Lid - The Adelaide Town Hall, Adelaide (06.03.14)

Thursday night saw the iconic Adelaide Town Hall filled with the eerie sounds of Jed Kurzel’s award-winning Snowtown score, and influential duo Stars of the Lid joined by Zephyr Quartet.

Adelaide Festival Review: John Waters, This Filthy World Vol 2 - Elder Hall (06.03.14)

The anticipation in the air was palpable as the Elder Hall filled with people waiting to hear John Waters speak for the Adelaide Festival. The stage is minimalist - a green floral arrangement on a white stand with red lighting at the rear.

Adelaide Fringe Festival Review: Eastend Cabaret - 'Dirty Talk' - Idolize Spiegeltent (18.02.14)

EastEnd Cabaret Dirty Talk

Sultry diva Bernadette Byrne and her manwoman sidekick, Victor Victoria, return to the Adelaide Fringe to present their newest collection of songs and stories that are equal parts filthy and fabulous. This talented duo have been taking international audiences by storm with their unique brand of comically perverse songs and playful performances, finding light heartedness in deviant subject matters that’ll leave tears of laughter streaming down the faces of everyone in the room.

Perth Festival Review: A Midsummer Night's Dream (As You Like It) - His Majesty's Theatre (15.02.14)

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is up there as one of Shakespeare’s most oft performed plays. \There have been countless as adaptations and reinterpretations over the years, but I’d imagine there are few as wonderfully strange and eclectic as Russian director Dmitry Krymov’s interpretation A Midsummer Night’s Dream (As You Like It). As clichéd as it sounds, this is Shakespeare as you have in all likelihood never seen it before.

Perth Festival Review: An Iliad - Sunken Gardens, Perth (16.02.14)

Heroes and tyrants, Gods and Mortals, and ancient armies all clashed on stage on Sunday night. All of them brought to vivid life by one man, actor and co-writer Denis O’Hare, for the Australian premiere of the An Iliad. A captivating and engaging adaptation and reinterpretation of Homer’s Iliad by US collective Homer’s Coat, that forms part of the Perth International Arts Festival this year.

Adelaide Fringe Festival Review: ''50 Years of Doctor Who!" Preachrs Podcast Live 2! - Box Factory Community Centre (14.02.14)

It's Valentine's Day and as I have done the last few years, I've spent it with one of my true loves, the Adelaide Fringe Festival. The rain has stayed away long enough tonight to allow all the opening night festivities to go ahead and while I've missed the parade through the CBD, I am kicking off season 2014 with a show. I'm down on Regent St at the Box Factory Community Centre to see the Preachrs Podcast present its second Fringe show, '50 Years of Doctor Who'.

Theatre Review: Thank You For Being A Friend - Seymour Centre (13.02.14)

Thank You For Being A Friend is like watching an extended episode of the TV series, Golden Girls, except that the four female leads are replaced with puppets. The show is a treat and is being performed at the Seymour Centre as a part of the 2014 Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras. It also contains all of those endearing hallmarks that made the original show so popular.

Theatre Review: The Long Way Home - STC (09.02.14)

A large screen shows the face of a soldier and a soldier stands in front of it.

The Long Way Home presents the deeply moving stories of Australian Defence Force servicemen and women who have served overseas, primarily in Afghanistan. The production is a collaboration between the Sydney Theatre Company and the Australian Defence Force and between the servicemen and women involved and the writer Daniel Keene and Director Stephen Rayne. Twelve of the performers on stage have served overseas and these are their stories. The different situations presented are derived from the experiences of the soldiers creating a surreal balance between reality and the imagined.

Theatre Review: Short + Sweet Dance Gala - New Theatre, Sydney (02.02.14)

Three women in lingerie seemingly torture a young shirtless man.

If I had to sum up the Gala finals of Short + Sweet Dance in one word it would be, not surprisingly, diverse. Given this evenings performances were the result of several rounds of voting it became clear quite quickly that the public, and the judges, like their dance funny.

Arts Review: Looking Through A Glass Onion by John Waters - Sydney Opera House (28.01.14)

Tribute bands can be a dime a dozen and little more than a glorified radio or stereo. But then there are acts like John Waters. He has been performing his John Lennon tribute since 1992 and has also done a six-month stint in London's West End with the show. And it's easy to see why it continues to appeal, because Waters really gets at the essence - the heart and soul of Lennon - through an excellent mix of personal anecdotes and the music, of course.

Midsumma Festival Theatre Review: Standing On Ceremony - The Gay Marriage Plays - Chapel Off Chapel, Melbourne (Performances to 08.02.14)

Watching this play the day after attending a wedding in regional NSW was a lesson in a perspective. Containing nine short plays, Standing On Ceremony: The Gay Marriage Plays gives the audience a bright positive outlook on the ongoing plight that the legalisation of gay marriage has travelled through.

Fringe World Review: Swamp Juice - Perth Institue of Contemporary Arts (28.01.14)

Swamp Juice, the brainchild of Canadian puppeteer and performer Jeff Achtem, is a quirky, playful and utterly entertaining work – that will enthral adults and children alike. It comes as no surprise this show has sold out seasons around the world.