Live Review: West Thebarton Brothel Party - Jive, Adelaide (22.08.15)

The West Thebarton Brothel Party boys packed Jive out well on Saturday night, the official launch party for their debut self-titled EP. The band has been growing a strong fan base in Adelaide in recent months and their time supporting some pretty impressive Australian and international names, has brought them to the attention of many different type of Adelaide music fan who may be on the look out for something new. Their gathering at Jive represented not only the supportive network of fellow Adelaide musicians and friends within these circles, but a good percentage of people looking to kick on well into their Saturday night - the chaos the boys brought to the show was the perfect way to do so.

It's hard to distinguish a typical 'frontman' type with this band and that's not a negative, like it can be with some rock bands. It's obvious that Ray Dalfsen holds some semblance of this role for much of the night as his vocals throttle through the crowd, encouraging the audience to get rowdy. Surrounded by six other musicians who can also hold their own strongly on stage however, means that the spotlight never remains on one musician in the West Theb Brothel Party solely.

Josh Healey and Tom Gordon are particularly fun to watch; the guitarists going toe to toe for most of the night, matching each other's frenetic performances the whole way. By the end of the show, Gordon is being held up by those in the first few rows while Healey's blonde locks thrash back and forth as he plays his guitar like a fiend. The dynamic these two share on stage is a great one to observe - they clearly know how to let loose and have fun, but they're also on the same wavelength and obviously connect really well.

The EP that everyone is in the venue to celebrate the release of is a great introductory record for those newcomers to the West Thebarton Brothel Party sound. It's fun, it's raucous and it's just tailor made to be smashed out at full volume. Watching Brian Bolado on percussion in particular rams home this aspect of the record - as he provides extra percussion throughout the set which could easily be dominated by electric guitar tones, watching him gleefully belt the tambourine and floor drum incensed the crowd gathered close to the stage beneath the band to try and match the ferocity. Tracks "Misophonia", "Glenn McGrath" and "Two-Bit Loser" are three highlights of the night, all taking the energy in Jive up another level in their own way.

For a band that started as an avenue for these musicians to jam out outside their other bands, West Thebarton Brothel Party has developed impressively into an identity all their own and as the show in Adelaide proved over the weekend, it's a sound people have more than warmed to.