Splendour Sideshow Review: The Wombats + Circa Waves - Adelaide Entertainment Centre (30.07.15)

Photo Credit: Kerrie Geier

Walking through the Entertainment Centre ‘Orb’ (as the staff there call it) on Thursday night there was a buzz fuelled by genuine excitement from all demographics of Adelaide. Only a small selection of bands can generate the level of excitement that The Wombats managed last week, the fact that they were upgraded from Thebby Theatre to the Entertainment Centre is a compliment in itself.

People were scurrying around the centre in anticipation for the show like a bunch of kids in the showbag pavilion at the Royal Show – it was really strange to observe but nevertheless great to be a part of.

Circa Waves supported The Wombats and jumped around like genuine rockstars in the warehouse-like theatre. Liverpool has long been known as an incubator for genius bands and Circa Waves are no exception. Their Young Chasers EP has been a hit in Australia and has received its fair share of Triple J airplay - "T-Shirt Weather" and "Fossils" being undoubted favourites. It’s no surprise that the place was packed full with a bouncing crowd – you could have easily been forgiven for thinking these guys were the main act. By the time their set came to a close the crowd visibly felt cheated, they wanted more from these geniuses but they’re off to bigger and better things.

The crowd roared when The Wombats ambled out on stage. The starkly-lit theatre was just a single mass, swaying one side to another as everyone tried to force themselves as close to the action as possible. They kicked off with "Your Body Is a Weapon" and every single word was mimicked by the crowd – as were each off the lyrics for "Jump Into the Fog", "1996", "This is Not a Party" and every single track they dished out – revealing the fact that this is all the hundreds of crowd members had been listening to for the past few months in anticipation for the show.

It’s hard to pick out a single crowd favourite for the night, every song was met with crazy amounts of excitement and fanboy/girl screams. But if you’re a long-time fan, then you can’t go past their second encore – "Let’s Dance to Joy Division". It was the perfect way to finish the night and reward their clearly obsessive Adelaide fanbase. It was the final show of the Liverpool boys’ Australian tour as they headed off to join Circa Waves at Lollapalooza. No doubt they’ll be back very shortly, and welcomed into loving Australian arms.