Live Review: Little Dragon + George Maple - Oxford Art Factory (19.08.14)

Popularity has been a long time coming for Swedish band Little Dragon, but during these past few years it seems like they have been making up for lost time. They formed at a young age in the late 90's and have only really blown up on a global scale as of a few years ago as more and more people discover the winning combination of multi-coloured synth-pop and Yukimi Nagano's impressively diverse vocal work.

Live Review: Anathema + Arcane- The Hi Fi, Brisbane (21.08.14)

Arcane starts the night off with the tasteful prog metal they're known for in the local music scene. The first song is a soft down-tempo number with mellifluous tones of Jim Grey leading the band but it's not too soon before the audience gets a blast of the more metal side of the band. The band's sound is intense without out and out aggression but more in their sense of purpose with not a single wasted note. The technicality is obvious from intricate cymbal work, effortless renditions of time signatures that don't divide nicely and of course instrumental solos that still prize emotion over sheer technicality. It's great to see the band back on stage for the first time in almost two years with new bassist Adrian proving a perfect match for the band's sound.

Live Review: Uncle Jed + Alex Gibson - The Gov, Adelaide (21.08.14)

The Gov was transformed into a jazz lounge as glasses of red wine were poured by the light of candles. The vibe was warm, relaxed and homey, with a crackling fireplace in the corner. Seated around tables, an older audience gathered to witness Uncle Jed, the talented 2013 ‘Australia’s Got Talent’ stars, work their magic on stage.

Live Review: Megan Washington - Corner Hotel, Melbourne (19.08.14)

The beautiful and talented Megan Washington sang a beautiful set previewing new songs from her upcoming album There There, due out in September. It was emotional, uplifting and an all-round honest performance by the lady who wears her heart on her sleeve.

Live Review: Madeleine Hunt + Young Sultans - Pirie & Co. Social Club, Adelaide (15.08.14)

Fresh on the market songstress Madeleine Hunt launched her debut EP on Friday night, and while the EP is called Hollow, the crowd certainly wasn’t.

Live Review: Courtney Love - Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide (15.08.14)

Courtney Love

Judging by the ticket sales, Courtney Love was clearly taking a gamble with her her first solo tour of Australia. As it turns out, Adelaide decided not to even take a punt. There really is no excuse that Adelaidians could make that would justify their lack of effort. Tickets were originally sold for around $80, but were discounted at the last minute, and the gig was on a Friday night. so I was surprised when I walked in to the venue right as the support band was finishing their set, and found Thebarton Theatre was about three-quarters empty, or possibly a quarter full, depending on how you look at it.

Live Review: Something For Kate - HQ, Adelaide (15.08.14)

Something For Kate returned to their beloved Kingdom of Adelaide last night to finish up what has been a wildly popular 20th anniversary tour around the country. It was the sort of show, if you've seen the band before, you'd know was going to be good, but it wasn't until we're about five minutes into the short film chronicling their career that you get smacked with a feeling of 'Shit, this is going to be an emotional one'.

Live Review: Hanson + Adam Martin - HQ, Adelaide (12.08.14)

If there's one thing you can say about Hanson, it's that they definitely know how to give their fans their money's worth. Countless tours, multiple meet and greets and special fan club events have had the Tulsa trio retain the fierce love of their fans beyond their 90s/early 2000s mania and their current Anthem album tour is no exception to their hard-working ethic. For this reviewer, having only returned to the country the night before made for an interesting experience, battling jet lag in a venue full of screaming fans. Thankfully, I knew I was in for a good show from the band, so I knew what I was getting myself into.

Live Review: Kasabian + Delta Riggs - Hordern Pavilion (10.08.14)

Few bands deserve the term stomping like Kasabian. Whether it’s the plodding bass lines and pounding beats, cocksure, northern English swagger or the hangar full of sweaty fans draped in football flags and various limbs, it’s easy to see why the band has consistently been noted as one of the best live acts around. With five albums-worth of crowd favourites to work through the Leicester lads delivered a powerful, creative and in the end, utterly enjoyable one and a half hours of dance inflected rock.

Live Review: Owen Rabbit - Oxford Art Factory Gallery Bar, Sydney (09.08.14)

Currently travelling around the country to promote his single "Police Car", Melbourne's Owen Rabbit is an emerging talent searching for a place amongst the talented engineers of electronic soundscapes across the country. Not in the sense that he's actively seeking out a position amongst or along side them, through some grand master plan of world (musical) domination; rather this is a young artist who is in that exciting stage of discovery. Discovering what he's capable of, what works, what doesn't, what people like, what they don't.

Live Review: Spiderbait - Metro Theatre, Sydney (09.08.14)

Playing to a massive crowd in Sydney's Metro Theatre on their first headline tour in ten years, their audience was filled with flannelette-wearing fans on a bit of a nostalgia trip. There's a notable difference between the long time fans and those who might only be familiar with the hits - the longtime fans are way rougher and don't stop moving the whole night.

Live Review: Kasabian + The Delta Riggs - Festival Hall, Melbourne (09.08.14)

Close your eyes for a moment and you could be forgiven for thinking that Kasabian have hijacked The Delta Riggs’ time slot. Open them, to leer at frontman Elliot Hammond cavorting about the stage with swagger, belting out latest single “Supersonic Casualties” rousing the die hards. 48:13 in giant pink letters on the black, back drop is a sign of what’s to follow.

Live Review: True Vibenation + Soul Benefits - Newtown Social Club, Sydney (08.08.14)

With a harder edge to their sound than ever before, Sydney hip-hop trio True Vibenation delivered their latest LP ON at a special, sold-out album launch that not only reiterated their prowess for performing, but edged them even closer to the top of Australian hip-hop. Respected on the scene for their multitude of talents and innovative ideas, the Big Village act focused largely on showcasing ON but also went digging back through a few of their old hits, wedging them into the show and updating the sound so they fit just right.

Live Review: Hanson + Adam Martin - Enmore Theatre, Sydney (08.08.14)

The year is 1996. The summery, catchy sounds of young brothers Hanson grace your ears for the first time in the form of the spectacular and iconic "MMMBop" – a tune that will no doubt one day sit in your mind as an anthem of youth, packed full of nostalgia.

Live Review: Broods + Jarryd James + East - Unibar, Adelaide (08.08.14)

A night of fresh discoveries and overwhelming talent, New Zealand sibling duo Broods along with East and Jaryd James satisfied a buzzing Adelaide Unibar on Thursday night.