Live Review: Veruca Salt - Factory Theatre, Sydney (27.09.14)

Veruca Salt recently reformed their original line up and played their first Australian shows in more than ten years. With sold out shows across the country, Veruca Salt showed us that they haven't lost their edge.

Festival Review: Listen Out - Centennial Park, Sydney (27.09.14)

After a successful first year, Fuzzy's Listen Out continues to put forth the case for festival down-sizing, standing with just three stages and a cleverly curated line up to ensure that we got just as much variety as a more excessive festival. A bit more niche and thoughtful in it's structure, the day played out with very few hiccups and once again focused on quality over quantity, exposing the direction of the summer festival season and the styles which are getting the most shine this year.

Live Review: Sticky Fingers + Callithump + The Lulu Raes - Metro Theatre, Sydney (25.09.14)

It’s all about sex, drugs and rock’n’roll at a Sticky Fingers gig. The Sydney band, who performed a run of four consecutive shows at The Metro Theatre, gave it their all on their Land of Pleasures tour, sending the crowd into a frenzy with their powerful stage presence, wicked tunes and killer personalities.

Live Review: Bombay Bicycle Club + City Calm Down + East - Metro Theatre Sydney (28.09.14)

Bombay Bicycle Club have made their last mark on Australia's shores. Though East were a good start and City Calm Down was a lot of fun, the crowd simply couldn't stand still while they waited for the headliner. City Calm Down is a Melbourne outfit and they were the perfect setting for the show. Fun, creative and a little bit retro - it was a good vibe to set the tone.

Live Review: Bluejuice + The Love Junkies - Capitol, Perth (26.09.14)

If you are a diagnosed sufferer of FOMO, please exit your web browser now. Pop rock favourites Bluejuice honoured Perth last night on their Retrospectable tour giving the country one last farewell before the disbandment becomes official. Capitol welcomed a very broad spectrum of BJ fans, from the young and old to those who were just there to grope frontman Jake Stone one last time.

Live Review: Dan Kelly's Dream Band + Richard In Your Mind - Newtown Social Club, Sydney (26.09.14)

Tonight would be a night of some mystical and magical music, a chance to be immersed in the wild and occasionally wacky sounds that some of Australia’s indie pop folk have to offer. Tonight would be the launch for Dan Kelly’s new single "Melbourne VS Sydney" and coincidentally his main support Richard in Your Mind are Sydney locals, whilst he himself is based in Melbourne. Whether this was on purpose or coincidental either way, the audience was in for an interesting night.

Live Review: The Griswolds + Lanks + Sons of Rico - Corner Hotel, Melbourne (25.09.14)

2014 has been a mammoth year for indie party popsters The Griswolds. With the release of their debut album Be Impressive reaping praise from all corners of the world, followed by 3 and a half months of intense touring across the United States, followed by 12 shows back on home soil - I think it’s pretty fair to say these guys would be feeling pretty fucking wrecked by now.

Live Review: Sara Bareilles + Ben Abraham - The Tivoli, Brisbane (24.09.14)

It’s been a long time coming for Sara Bareilles to return to Australia. After supporting Maroon 5 almost four years ago she had not returned to our southern shores until now. I am a huge Bareilles, and have been since her debut release, so for her to finally have a run of headline shows in Australia, was something I would not soon miss.

Live Review: Bluejuice + Tkay Maidza + Jody - Adelaide Unibar (24.09.14)

I'm not going to beat around the bush with this one: Bluejuice breaking up sucks. A lot. It sucks because they're just one of many Australian bands who went years without being given the amount of recognition they deserved and now, as their almost completely sold out farewell tour dictates, people are coming out of the woodwork to show the Sydneysiders a fucktonne of love and support that should really have been there all along. But I digress. This isn't about how I feel about the topic, this is about tonight's gig at the Adelaide Unibar, the first of two gigs here, the first of the band's final hurrah - 'The Retrospectable Tour'.

Festival Review: Young Henry's Small World Festival - Jabez Street, Marrickville (20.09.14)

A conflux of some of the greatest aspects of Sydney's culturally rich inner-west was what Newtown microbrewery Young Henry's delivered in the small, tree-lined Jabez Street in Marickville this past weekend. It was a simple idea really: one of the city's most respected and loved beer breweries deciding to use their massive pull to put on a food, drink, music, and arts street festival to further their consistent involvement in the local community. It's an idea which worked well, with an entire day full of good local food, good local beer, and good local music.

Live Review: Boy & Bear - Sydney Opera House, Sydney (22.09.14)

In the dark, cavernous space of the Opera House, five part harmonies come like a bolt gun to the brain. The opening strains of "Fall At Your Feet" are just beginning to swell up, banjo and piano interlocking their chords, and the voices are beginning to gain traction. For a brief moment it vanishes, replaced by a verse of Neil Young's "Heart Of Gold", Killian Gavin vamping out the muted guitar chords, before they melt back into the harmonies and the sound rolls over like waves.

Live Review: One Day Tour - Enmore Theatre (19.09.14)

Think of all the great hip-hop collectives you know of which have put out an album as one, from Wu-Tang to The Diplomats to Dungeon Family. The dynamic that makes collectives like these work so well in the studio is developed through years of constant collaboration and refinement, so that when that day comes when the group is set to drop an entire album, the fans see shades of each artist that can only be brought out when they are part of a team. This is what happened on Mainline, the debut LP by Sydney's One Day crew, placing it as one of the more refreshing hip-hop albums of the year, with a dynamic not often seen on the Australian circuit.

Live Review: Andy Bull + Angus Dawson - The Bakery, Perth (19.09.14)

The Bakery was buzzing on Friday night with the arrival of Andy Bull on his Sea of Approval tour across the country. Performing to a sold out venue, the bands were well received giving the crowd their all.

Live Review: Justin Timberlake - Etihad Stadium, Melbourne (18.09.14)

Can you actually believe it has been seven years since Justin Timberlake last graced the arenas and stadiums of Australia? Seven whole years. It's crazy to think back to 2007, a time when Justin Bieber was only just starting to publish videos on YouTube, Taylor Swift was only just breaking out in the country music scene and the boys from One Direction were only just hitting puberty.

Live Review: Andy Bull + New Navy - Jive, Adelaide (18.09.14)

"Where were you ten years ago?!" Andy Bull deadpans, during the encore of his set, before laughing, "No seriously, I appreciate you all a lot. Thank you and see you next time." It's one of those moments where you laugh, but if you've been a fan of his for the last however many years, part of you does think, 'Well? Where was this crowd?' Standing in a venue which was barely full for the Sydney musician when he last headlined here some time ago now, now completely sold out, brings with it a sense of accomplishment...and I'm not even the artist. Being an Adelaide-based music fan, seeing a musician being able to crack this city and sell it out on a weeknight is a commendable feat on its own and Andy Bull made sure the crowd got what they paid for.