Live Review: The Aston Shuffle + Just A Gent + CLN + Jordan Burns vs Jordan James - The Zoo, Brisbane (29.08.14)

There was a lot to love and a lot to dislike about The Aston Shuffle's gig at the Zoo on Friday night. The good things came from The Aston Shuffle themselves, however the long wait before the boys hit the stage was much less enjoyable.

Live Review: Fishing + Datãkae - Rocket Bar, Adelaide (29.08.14)

It's always a bit stressful planning your birthday party. Will people show up? Will there be enough booze? What if the music doesn't go to plan? When it was Adelaide's turn to officially celebrate six years of the AU review, we had all the components for a great party in place. A great venue in Rocket Bar (thanks to the crew at CATS), an even better group of people in the venue to celebrate and kick on, plus some great musicians in the joint to keep the party going.

Sydney Fringe Review: "Fringe Ignite: Heat The Street" ft. Lime Cordiale + All Our Exes Live in Texas - Crown Street (31.08.14)

The Sydney Fringe Festival has officially kicked off its 5th annual edition with their first ever street party in Surry Hills. Fringe Ignite: Heat The Streets saw bars and shopfronts on Crown Street transform into free entry pop-up music venues, while street musicians roamed and people danced. No one needed to close down the street, no one needed to set up a big stage and close down business in the area. From 4pm until 8pm earlier tonight, the Fringe introduced a new type of street party that we could - and should - see take over more hubs of our city.

Live Review: Kingswood + The Sinking Teeth - Newtown Social Club, Sydney (26.08.14)

Kingswood played their first of two sold out shows to a huge crowd at Newtown Social Club, and showed us why they have a reputation for being one of the best live acts going around.

Live Review: Megan Washington + Teeth & Tongue + The Tambourine Girls - Oxford Art Factory, Sydney (28.08.14)

“Like seriously, what kind of crime can only be solved by a horse?” Megan Washington asks. It’s mid set at the Oxford Art Factory, and Washington is riffing about mounted police. “This is my joke for when I go into stand up. Which will be never.”

Live Review: The Used + Taking Back Sunday - 170 Russell, Melbourne (25.08.14)

When I think back to 2006, a few things immediately come to mind: Myspace, vodka cruisers (ugh), dying my hair black and of course, music. 2006 was a year in which the “post-hardcore” genre was basically in its prime and alongside My Chemical Romance, The Used and Taking Back Sunday were really at the forefront of this phenomenon that had many 15 year olds like myself in a fucking frenzy.

Live Review: Progfest- The Zoo, Brisbane (23.08.14)

Progfest is the annual Australian music festival that showcases Australia's underground progressive music bands. In the past having played host to headlining bands such as melodic Melbourne metallers Sydonia, instrumental rock giants sleepmakeswaves and recently-announced-for-this-years-Soundwaves Ne Obliviscaris, it's a hotbed of talent and our very own Matthew Evans was there to capture the first leg at the Zoo in Brisbane.

Live Review: Courtney Love - The Enmore Theatre, Sydney (24.08.14)

“Doesn’t it feel good to have your tits out?” Courtney Love stands on stage, dressed in a white lacey dress, knee high black boots, and a silver tiara perched on her head. Her orange Rickenbacker is slung low at her waist as she directs the crowd to undress. “I need more bras, throw them up!” They obey, and suddenly bras are being thrown from the crowd at the Enmore.

Live Review: RISE Featuring Mantra + Briggs + Remi + Grey Ghost - Oxford Art Factory (22.08.14)

RISE, A photo documentary of Australian hip-hop years in the making, has just been released by respected photographer Michelle Grace Hunder, so what better way to celebrate than bringing the scene together for performances which were more like mini-festivals, set in intimate gig spaces around the country? Hunder's RISE tour was a curated celebration of hip-hop, culminating in more than a handful of surprise guests, reinforcing the unique collaborative and community aspect that hip-hop delivers.

Live Review: Lady Gaga - Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne (23.08.14)

Photo: Paul Kane/Getty

Lady Gaga brought her artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball tour to Melbourne on Saturday night, and delighted the crowd with a massive production consisting of an extended stage, numerous costume changes, dancers, impressive lighting and her live band. It was nothing short of a raving spectacle that celebrated the pop diva's prowess while maintaining a high level of artistic integrity.

Live Review: The Used + Taking Back Sunday + Corpus - HQ, Adelaide (21.08.14)

Remember 2006? I do. For some reason for the last year and a half I haven't been able to stop remembering 2006. Anyway, if you remember 2006, there are two bands who almost definitely remind you of ripped fishnets of very badly dyed hair: The Used and Taking Back Sunday. And, like the redo of 2006 that 2014 seems to be turning into sometime, both The Used and Taking Back Sunday, along with Sydney punk duo Corpus, played at Adelaide's HQ Complex on the 21st of August.

Live Review: Velociraptor + Bloods - Newtown Social Club, Sydney (22.08.14)

Celebrating the long awaited release of their debut self-titled album, Brisbane monolith Velociraptor are currently touring the country with Sydney's Bloods, and Friday night took them to Sydney's Newtown Social Club (formerly The Sandringham Hotel, for those playing a home) for a show that happened to coincide with their Album Release Date (read our review of the record HERE).

Live Review: Little Dragon + George Maple - Oxford Art Factory (19.08.14)

Popularity has been a long time coming for Swedish band Little Dragon, but during these past few years it seems like they have been making up for lost time. They formed at a young age in the late 90's and have only really blown up on a global scale as of a few years ago as more and more people discover the winning combination of multi-coloured synth-pop and Yukimi Nagano's impressively diverse vocal work.

Live Review: Anathema + Arcane- The Hi Fi, Brisbane (21.08.14)

Arcane starts the night off with the tasteful prog metal they're known for in the local music scene. The first song is a soft down-tempo number with mellifluous tones of Jim Grey leading the band but it's not too soon before the audience gets a blast of the more metal side of the band. The band's sound is intense without out and out aggression but more in their sense of purpose with not a single wasted note. The technicality is obvious from intricate cymbal work, effortless renditions of time signatures that don't divide nicely and of course instrumental solos that still prize emotion over sheer technicality. It's great to see the band back on stage for the first time in almost two years with new bassist Adrian proving a perfect match for the band's sound.

Live Review: Uncle Jed + Alex Gibson - The Gov, Adelaide (21.08.14)

The Gov was transformed into a jazz lounge as glasses of red wine were poured by the light of candles. The vibe was warm, relaxed and homey, with a crackling fireplace in the corner. Seated around tables, an older audience gathered to witness Uncle Jed, the talented 2013 ‘Australia’s Got Talent’ stars, work their magic on stage.