Tour Diaries: Melbourne's Metals perform at Glastonbury 2013...

Good friends of the AU review, Melbourne's Metals, recently packed their bags and headed to the UK to perform at the legendary Glastonbury festival. They compiled a tour diarty exclusively for the AU review, which you can enjoy here...

Above: Ehsan and Chris picking up our stage set from our friend, artist Holly-Anne Buck. She's awesome... Below: We rehearse in our favourite studio, Abbot street studios... they are lovely there!

Koko, Nottingham, sheriffs and bandits. A long trip up and back again, dotted with gigs and culminating in a righteous second session at Glastonbury. The metals show rolled on strong this weekend, murdering dance floors, winning fans, smashing it in, and desperate cries for help. Part band on tour, part escaped mental patients, metals are, metals is, and England is getting. Now the penultimate honors tonight in coventry, with a quick stop for tea and cakes in Bath.

The back of the van ... wellies and all

Ehsan and Chris smash their guitars together in a raw display of regrettable rock bravado. Will they ever stay in tune again? Stonehenge.

Metals in full flight, backstage view captured by Adam Milburn. Vida Sunshyne whipping the throng into a frenzy.

Metals set to rock at Glastonbury! Two thousand screaming fans in the pussy parlour nouveau drink up the metals show, with stunning stage dressing by Holly-Anne Buck.

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