Photo Gallery: Sheila's Of The 70's, feat. Monique Brumby + Kerri Simpson + Rebecca Barnard - The Caravan (16.10.11)


Following on from their recent sold out shows at the Northcote Town Hall, Monique Brumby, Kerri Simpson and Rebecca Barnard brought their kooky kodachrome, dusky desert boot days of the 70’s to The Caravan.
The audience shimmered back to the sublime sultry summers of Donna,Suzy Quatro, Kate Bush, Melanie, Blondie and Fleetwood Mac.

These three sheilas can certainly belt out the tunes - in whatever note required. Their between song banter made the audience laugh -and cringe at some memories. Overall, highly entertaining.

We really need to embrace our local talent. I hope they do more shows soon.

Treads: Sandals with soles made from rubber tires
Connie jumper: Cardigan with one thick and 2 thin stripes around the mid riff