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Photo Gallery: Drapht + Dialectrix + Briggs (Rapunzel Tour) - The Gaelic Hotel (04.12.10)

December 4th was the night that many hip-hop fans turned up to see some of the most gifted Aussie hip-hop artists such as Drapht, Briggs and Dialectrix. This was Drapht's Rapunzel tour held at the Gaelic Theatre in Sydney.

One of Australia's gifted and emerging indigenous rappers, Briggs, from Shepparton in Victoria, warmed up the start of the Sydney show. The audience granted him a warm reception of applause as he stepped foot on stage. Thus the audience danced their way right until his last song. Briggs is certainly the wordsmith to keep your eyes on as he joins the Australian hip-hop revolution.

The second act, Dialectrix, stepped foot on stage to perform an array of tunes that the audience seemed to sing along to. Dialectrix lyrical flow along with the accompanying flowful music was a highlight of the night.

Then finally Drapht step's onto the stage and the audience fermented a hype each time the song switched from favourite-track to favourite-track. It was evident that night that Australia has a rising generation of hip-hop artists and a growing fanbase. This could be the light at the end of the musical tunnel that Australia has been waiting for.