Theatre Review: Eight Gigabytes of Hardcore Pornography - Studio Underground, Perth (Performances through July 12)

We all have our slight addictions, many of them relatively benign like coffee. For others like the protagonists of Eight Gigabytes of Hardcore Pornography, the most recent production in Perth Theatre Company’s 2014 season, they are more extreme and not without their consequences – whether it be his addiction to hardcore pornography on the Internet or her predilection for maxing out credit cards in shops both real and online.

Live Review: Riley Pearce + Kat Wilson + Indigo - The Astor Lounge, Perth (28.06.14)

Local singer-songwriter Riley Pearce spent the majority of the first half of this year in America on exchange. Saturday night saw Pearce and his band play their first headlining show since his return to Australia and Perth. Those of you who follow Pearce on Facebook are no doubt already be aware that his time overseas was not spent idly, with visits to SXSW, songs getting written and gigs getting played. Saturday's gig was not only a chance to get the band back together, so to speak, but also to test out these new songs in front of a home crowd and with the band.

Live Review: Little Bastard + The Floors + Aborted Tortoise - Mojo's Bar, Perth (21.06.14)

Saturday night saw Fremantle’s Mojos play host to the third and final Little Bastard show of their album launch tour through Western Australia with a large rowdy crowd braving the stormy winter weather for an evening of good times and good music.

Photo Gallery: Chet Faker + Youmi Zouma - The Astor Theatre, Perth (19.06.14)

Chet Faker

Chet Faker performed a magnificent show to a packed Astor Theatre with support from New Zealand's Youmi Zouma. Stuart Sevastos was there for the AU and brings us these photos from the pit:

Live Review: Runner + Flower Drums + Rabbit Island - The Astor Lounge, Perth (06.06.14)

Perth locals Runner played their second and final launch show for their debut album Cloud Kingdom in the intimate confines of the Astor Lounge on Friday night.

Photo Gallery: Runner + Flower Drums + Rabbit Island - The Astor Lounge, Perth (06.06.14)

Runner at the Astor Lounge

Runner concluded their album launch tour with a fun filled show inside the Astor Lounge section of the Astor Theatre. Joining them were Flower Drums and Rabbit Island. Our photographer Stuart Sevastos captures the action from the night.

Live Review: Kim Churchill + Steve Smyth + Riley Pearce - Mojo's Bar, Perth (05.06.14)

Kim Churchill’s national tour made it to Fremantle on Thursday night, with a packed out mid-week show at Mojos, the second of three shows in Western Australia. Impressively and a little surprisingly roughly 80-90% of the crowd were already milling about outside the venue before the doors had even been opened, guaranteeing a great atmosphere right from the start.

Theatre Review: Rabbithead - The Blue Room Theatre, Perth (Performances through June 14th)

RabbitHead is the latest production from Little y Theatre Co and Whatshesaid. Directed by Ian Sinclair RabbitHead is a darkly absurd Australian comedy and performative response to Barbara Baynton’s gothic novel The Chosen Vessel. It’s a strange work – full of oddities and quirks, and even now, a day or so later, I’m still not convinced I’ve fully got a handle on what it was all about.

Festival Review: State of the Art Festival - Perth Cultural Centre (31.05.14)

Once again Western Australia scored lucky with the weather gods over the long weekend, keeping ominous rain clouds at bay for the duration of the State of the Art Festival hosted by Celebrate WA in association with WAM.

Theatre Review: Werewolf Priest!: The Lamentable Ballad of Father Hank Grimby - The Blue Room Theatre (22.05.14)

Photo: Gillian Berry

The paranormal has long captured the interests of writers, directors and actors alike. You can even go into bookshops and find whole shelves devoted to the genre. Werewolf Priest!: The Lamentable Ballad of Father Hank Grimby, the latest production from writer, director and producer Levon J Polinelli both continues this burgeoning genre, and successfully parodies it. Werewolf Priest! is an ambitious and entertaining work, gleefully jumping between genres and cramming as many horror movie tropes into the script as possible.

Theatre Review: Wish - Studio Underground (Performances continue through 24th May)

Wish is the latest production from Perth Theatre Company, and the first in its new season. Adapted by Actor and Director Humphrey Bower from the Peter Goldsworthy novel of the same name, Wish is a charming yet challenging piece of theatre, which will perhaps leave a few unsuspecting patrons unsettled and uncomfortable.

Theatre Review: Elephents - The Blue Room Theatre, Perth (Performances continue through 18th May)

Elephents, the latest brainchild from writer Jeffrey Jay Fowler, has all the hallmarks of a good soap opera; love triangles, dramatic deaths and even the odd elephant or two. It’s sort of like Neighbours or Home and Away, you know, if either were set in a dystopian world plagued by power cuts and where going out the door meant risking third degree burns or heatstroke. It also happens to be one of the most enjoyable pieces of theatre I’ve seen lately.

Live Review: Client Liaison + Bastian’s Happy Flight - Amplifier Bar, Perth (26.04.14)

If this is what the 80’s was like, then I regret every bad thing I ever said. Gathering notoriety for their live performances, Client Liaison played Perth over the long weekend as part of their national tour, bringing their brand of dance electric and pop ballads to a welcoming crowd.

Theatre Review: Uncle Jack - The Blue Room Theatre, Perth (Performances Through May 10th)

Uncle Jack, the latest work from Perth playwright Ross Lennie, offers a poignant and timely look at the lasting effects of war. However, Uncle Jack is not simply another war story. Instead it is a touching, emotive and well told story of coming of age in a post war rural Australia.

Festival Review: West Coast Blues and Roots - Fremantle Park, WA (13.04.14)

Sunday saw the West Coast Blues and Roots Festival return to Fremantle for its 11th year. Though back to its now customary one day format and with a smaller line-up than in recent years, the festival still managed to draw a none-too-shabby 15,000 people through the gates.