Theatre Review: Trampoline - The Blue Room Theatre, Perth (10.10.13)

'Boy meets girl…' - On the face of it, Trampoline is about just that – a boy (Matt) meeting a girl (Kelly) and falling in love. If only it was as simple as that. Matt is a compulsive dreamer, the lines between reality and his dreams are blurred, meaning most of his attempts to have meaningful relationships with those around him are sabotaged either by his over willingness to share, or fighting monkeys.

Trampoline, the latest play from acclaimed comic Shane Adamczak, takes that idea of boy meets girl and turns it on its head, creating a wonderfully absurd piece that will have you laughing in your seat. It is a genuinely funny work, one that doesn’t need to resort or rely on crass 'frat boy' humour or over the top slapstick to get a laugh.

Trampoline instead serves up a subtle combination of a number of comedic styles – from physical comedy to witty quips. Yet nestled underneath the humorous surface layer, there is a story, which despite all the laughing and joking still manages to pack an emotional punch.

Adamczak impresses as the neurotic and nervy Matt. It is testament to the quality of his performance and the ease with which he embodies the character of Matt, that you can’t help but as an audience member become invested in his journey, root for him and share in his excitement and sadness.

Amanda Woodhams, also impressed, showing off her versatility as an actress, moving seamlessly between the two women in Matt’s life – his at times disparaging psychologist Dr. Vangillies and the girl of his dreams, Kelly. Whilst Ben Russell puts in a hilarious performance with his assortment of absurd supporting characters – from a hapless pizza deliveryman to a philosophical cowboy. It is from Matt’s interactions with these characters that many of the plays funniest moments eventuate.

Trampoline is easily one of the funniest plays I have seen in a while; a darkly comic take on a familiar theme, which will have you laughing right from the outset.


Trampoline is playing at The Blue Room Theatre, Perth at 8.30pm every night until October 26th.