Fringe World Live Review: Fat Shan Music Launch - The Bakery (12.02.12)

Sunday night at The Bakery saw the chaps from Fat Shans launch Perth’s newest record label to an enthusiastic crowd. Less than a year into their existence they have expanded from record store to a recording studio for hire and now to record label. They have certainly been popping up all over the place since their inception, with residencies at the Norfolk Basement; pop-up stalls at a variety of gigs not to mention their own intimate soirees on the last Friday of every month.

Rezide kicked off proceedings with an up-tempo set that was both entertaining and thought provoking. The guy has quite a way with words, and certainly knows how to deliver them to his audience. A fierce delivery coupled with some interesting samples (Bit of Dawkins anyone) ensured that the evening started well.

Up next were The Flower Drums who had a great folk rock kinda sound, with some great expressive vocals and a lovely guitar driven sound. The band cut a charismatic and engaging presence on stage, with a good bit of banter going on. Armed with some well-crafted melodies and intelligent and subtle lyrics The Flower Drums are certainly a band to look out for in the future.

Sean O’Neill of Hang On St Christopher was up next and was accompanied by Tilman Robinson and Callum G'Froerer on trombone and trumpet. Throughout the set O’Neill impressed with his subtle and nuanced playing, creating these compelling and ethereal tracks from nothing. All in all a quietly captivating set that left me wanting to hear more.

Our Man In Berlin were on fine form, with some tight vocal harmonies and a great sweeping atmospheric sound. With a great mix of instruments and an eye for a great lyric the band have a lot going for them; and with their single launch in only a matter of weeks, the coming months should bode well for the band.

There was a slight genre shift with The Silent World taking to the stage. The band had a heavier, more guitar driven sound than the previous bands, with some inspired drumming keeping it all together. Playing a completely instrumental set can be a bit of a risky move, but the band managed to pull it off, playing with great control.

Sam Perry was next on stage and very quickly took control of things, bringing the crowd in closer, grabbing their attention by the scruff of the neck and not letting go until the last note had played. Alone on stage Perry ducked and weaved, creating an intricate and layered sound with only his voice and a guitar effects pedal. An impressive talent and one that the audience certainly seemed to enjoy.

Sugarpuss closed out the evening with a riotous high energy rocking set. The band quickly got the crowd on their feet, and played with great energy and style. A charismatic force on stage, the band powered through a set replete with great guitar work, catchy hooks and a whole lot of rock and roll swagger.

If one thing was clear by the end of the night it was that the folks at Fat Shans seem to be onto a winner. They’ve managed to gather a roster of artists that is equal parts eclectic and talented. The futures looking good for Perth’s newest label.