Theatre Review: Under This Sun - The Blue Room Theatre, Perth (Performances until 6th June)

Under this Sun is the debut work from Perth’s latest budding theatre company, The Emergence Co. Directed by Warwick Doddrell, Under This Sun follows the escapades of three young twenty somethings as they, each for their own reasons (some more misguided than others), make their way into the unforgiving landscape of the Australian outback. I went into this production with high hopes, and I’m pleased to say Under This Sun did not disappoint. For their first production together, Emergence Co. really knocked it out of the park, setting the bar pretty high for future productions.

Live Review: Count Basie Orchestra - Perth Concert Hall (16.05.15)

Last week, the tour celebrating the 80th Anniversary of the legendary Count Basie Orchestra reached Perth and the Perth Concert Hall. Now under the leadership of Scotty Barnhart, the 18-piece orchestra played two, hour-long sets to an appreciative and attentive audience of young and old.

Theatre Review: Once We Were Kings - Blue Room Theatre, Perth (Performances until 29th May)

Once We Were Kings is the latest work from Perth theatre company Third Culture Kids. Written by Dure Khan and directed by Mustafa Al Mahdi, Once We Were Kings explores what it means to be young, "queer" and Muslim and navigating the cultural minefield of contemporary Australia.

Photo Gallery: 'The Final Curtain' ft. Felicity Groom, Fait, Sex Panther & more - The Bakery, Perth (09.05.15)

The Wednesday Society

The final ever show at the beloved Artrage Bakery went out with a bang featuring a local lineup featuring French Rockets, The Wednesday Society, Sex Panther, Fait, Felicity Groom and a performance by Coco Poppin from Sugar Blue Burlesque. Our photographer Stuart Sevastos was there capture the action.

Theatre Review: The Confidence Man - Studio Underground (Performances to 10th May)

The Confidence Man is the most recent production in Perth Theatre Company’s current season. It also happens to be a theatre piece unlike any other I have seen, a remarkable technological incursion into the traditional world of theatre. Armed with a mobile and some headphones, the audience are let loose into the world of Pete, his family, and the odd interloper; free to not only follow the story from one of six perspectives; but also jump with impunity between the six characters.

Festival Review: Groovin The Moo - Hay Park, Bunbury (26.04.15)

The cars were packed, the cow onesies dusted off and the fast food outlet lines were long – Groovin The Moo had arrived. We’d all spent the day in wait, enviously scrolling past the Oakbank highlights flooding our newsfeed, planning out our timetables like tactical masterminds. In true WA form the sun was out for an easy 25 degree day as we crossed the grassy grounds of Hay Park to the gate. Some people seemed aimless and there were a few tears spotted by the info gate as it seemed the sold out status of the festival was still hitting punters hard, but ticket in hand we pressed on pass the gathering pile of deodorant cans and the sceptical bag checker asking “Really?” as a young girl handed over her sacred bottle of perfume.

Theatre Review: Armour - Blue Room Theatre (Performances to 9th May)

Armour, presented by 610 Productions, is the latest work from writer and director Tom Jeffcote and the second production in the current season at The Blue Room Theatre. The premise was a promising one; four men go into the wilderness and talk about their feelings. Unfortunately, Armour failed to live up to this early promise, and I left the theatre feeling frustrated, really quite disappointed and that a really great opportunity had been squandered.

Photo Gallery: Groovin The Moo - Hay Park, Bunbury (26.04.15)

Groovin The Moo Festival 2015 at Hay Park, Bunbury Western Australia.

The sun came out to plat on the second stop on the Groovin the Moo festival with a lineup featuring Wolfmother, Charli XCX, You Me at Six, Sticky Fingers, One Day, Tkay Maidza and more. Stuart Sevastos was on the ground to capture the highlights of the day.

Theatre Review: Old Love - Blue Room Theatre, Perth (Performances through May 2nd)

Written by Chris Issacs, Old Love is the latest play from Perth’s theatrical super-group The Last Great Hunt. Fans of the emerging collectives work so far will not be disappointed; Old Love is full of humour, wit and captivating characters, from the sophisticated and sultry older woman Florence (Nicola Bartlett) to the younger vitriolic foot-in-mouth high flying business woman Gabby (Arielle Gray).

Photo Gallery: The Rumjacks + King of the Travellers + Total Waste - Rosemount Hotel, Perth (10.04.15)

The Rumjacks at the Rosemount Hotel

Celtic rockers The Rumjacks play at the Rosemount Hotel in Perth. Supporting them were King of The Travellers and Total Waste.

Photo Gallery: Kingswood + Tired Lion - Capitol, Perth (27.03.15)

Kingswood performing at Club Capitol

The next stop for Kingswood's Microscopic Wars II tour was Capitol in Perth where they put on an awesome show. Supporting them were Perth's very own Tired Lion. Stuart Sevastos was there and brings us these photos from the night:

Live Review: Seth Sentry + Citizen Kay + Coin Banks - Metropolis, Fremantle (20.03.15)

Seth Sentry hit up Fremantle joined by scene favourites Citizen Kay and Coin Banks on Friday night as part of his national “Run” tour. It was a well executed night full of boasting egos yet grounded sincerity as the acts gave as much as they were given.

Theatre Review: From The Rubble - Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (Performances until 28th March 2015)

From the Rubble is the first work in the latest theatrical season for Perth Theatre Company. Based on the work of West Australian journalist Sophie McNeill, From The Rubble, is an unflinching and timely examination of the impact of war, conflict and extremism on innocent lives, both young and old.

Festival Review: Future Music Festival - HBF Arena, Perth (01.03.15)

”Fkn Insane! Sexy Amazing. Dance like nobody is watching. I’m off-chops right now, loving everybody. This is sick! 2 Chainz is lookin 4 my booty cos I got a big booty. Do you want to go out with me then break up right before Drake? We love Future!”

Photo Gallery: Future Music Festival - Joondalup Arena, Perth (01.03.15)

Kiesza performing at Future Music Festival

The next stop for Future Music Festival was Perth where a huge lineup featuring The Prodigy, Hilltop Hoods, Darude, Kiesza and more entertained the huge crowd. Our man Stuart Sevastos was there to bring the highlights of the day.