Live Review: Josh Pyke + Jack Carty - Lizotte's Central Coast (11.10.12)

Taking the opportunity to spread his wings and tour Only Sparrow’s for the fourth and final time since its August 2011 release, Josh Pyke is flocking into intimate venues right around the nation to play a series of rare solo gigs before again taking flight off into the sunset to begin the creative process of yet another album.

I tell you… if you’re after an intimate experience look no further than Lizotte’s, Central Coast. The atmosphere is blissful; in candlelit ambience surrounded by historic music memorabilia.
Happily perched up on my bar stool with some unbelievably scrumptious food (even if you’re a tight arse like myself you cannot beat Lizotte’s Chunky Chip’s & Aioli, you just can’t). I was well ready to be serenaded…. and boy was I ever.

Kicking off the nights serenade was Sydney-sider and MusicOz Winner Jack Carty. Warming the audience with sweet, earthy sounds and honest lyric; entailing songs of love, loss, and journey in “Travellin’ Shoes” to the humour of raging hipster siblings of “She’s got a Boyfriend”.
Carty exceeded my every expectation with his witty live performance and admittedly, I along with every other audience member was nothing but charmed by Carty’s genuine ability to entertain and do it darn well!

Josh Pyke was soon to emerge to the stage, opening with a harmonica infused rendition of personal favourite “Memories and Dust”, then proceeding to play a mix of songs both old & new from “Middle of the Hill” to “No One wants a Lover” with some classic Josh Pyke banter in-between. But give the man a loop pedal, that’s where the magic unfolds. Hauntingly, Pyke created mind-blowing layers of sound, leaving the crowd in awe at the multitude of sounds bellowing through the room. It was a side of Josh Pyke that I had not yet seen before but one I’m definitely itching to see a whole lot more of - bring on that new album!