Ur Boy Bangz releases diss track aimed at Kanye West and Kim Kardashian for absolutely no reason at all

New on "Ur Boy Bangz VS Everybody" is a particularly nasty track released by the aspiring Melbourne rapper attacking superstar couple Kim Kardashian-West and Kanye West. Dubbed "There U Go - To K n K - Remix", Bangs goes to town on Kimye while creating his own version of "There You Go" by 2pac and Jazze Phae.

The "Meet Me on the Facebook" emcee has recently seen a resurgence in viral fame since being featured on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon in one of the talk show host's joke segments. Bangs has since gone on to release a number of diss tracks attacking Fallon, The Roots, Drake, Eminem, Rick Ross, and more. His new-found discovery that disses = publicity has seemingly led to a regular output of tracks attacking established American celebrities and musicians, so it makes at least a bit of sense that Bangs would turn his razor-sharp tongue towards one of the most passionately despised couples (in Facebook comment sections) around the world.

Cleverly jumping on a hate wagon that makes zero sense to begin with, Bangs whips out vitriolic lines such as "she [Kim] want to be a good woman but she's bad ho" and "she's still taking naked photos with her fat ass when she should only show it to Kanye West".

Closing with a particularly nasty address to Kanye, Bangs goes on to state: "Kardashian just fucked up your mind, that's why you are a fucked up artist man. Nah, Kanye, fuck you man, now all them good womens [sic] trying to be a ho like your fucking ho. Nah, Kanye, you a fucked up ass n***a".

In the immortal words of professional wrestler Bill Goldberg: "Who's Next?" Probably Iggy Azalea.