Robbie Williams reveals his favourite Australian music, plans to reunite with Kylie and more ahead of national tour

Earlier today, UK pop star Robbie Williams held a press conference in Sydney ahead of the start of his second Australian tour in 12 months. The last, The Swing Tour, focused on his most recent album Swing Both Ways, while the tour that kicks off this Friday in Perth will feature a collection of his greatest hits, alongside other favourites from the years. The tour has been aptly titled the Let Me Entertain You Tour and will be the first hits focused tour in Australia since 2006.

In today's press conference, Williams remarked on why he's returned to the Greatest Hits style of show, and the answer was a simple one, "The last tour was basically me doing my other career. I'm fortunate that I can change it up and not have to just to the pop hits... but I read on the forums that people were missing the hits, so I'm back to do the stuff I haven't done since 2006. "Let Me Entertain You", "Angels", "Rock DJ", "Better Man" etc. It always feels great to be here. It's such a shame that it's so far away, because I'd be here more often. But twice is one year? That's a good average. I intend to keep that average up."

When talking about his hits, he reflected on his surprise that when he played "Candy" on his last tour - a song that had been a huge hit in his homeland - it was seemingly unknown here, "I came and did the first show in Perth, and "Candy" came on and I thought 'this will floor them!', and then there was no response whatsoever. I thought that was so weird! This was my second biggest hit after 'Angels', what happened? And so I Googled it when I got back home, and it (only peaked on the ARIA charts at) number 53! So I took that out of the setlist. And even though it was a big hit everywhere else, I won't be doing it this time out (either)."

I asked Robbie about the show every night, and how physically demanding the show is, "I do the show and I go to bed. That's basically what I do. It's a really physically demanding show. It takes everything out of me. I don't really want to let anybody down. A lot of the time it's terrifying being up there; to be the conduit to everybody's good evening that they've paid their hard earned cash to come and see. I genuinely give every bit of everything I've got every night. And then I go to bed, so I can do it again the next time I go up on stage."

I also had the chance to ask the pop star about his favourite Australian music at the moment, which led to a reveal that he's planning to work with Kylie again: "Flynn Francis and Tim Metcalfe, two Melbourne boys. Really really great songwriters. Really great artists. I'd love to work with Kylie again... I'd love to work with Nicole again... If I would be lucky enough for me to have them back." Pushed on the point about Kylie, he went on to say, "I'm about to ask her to do another song with me. Hopefully she'll want to, and she'll have the time or inclination."

As for the future, Williams revealed he had plans brewing for his own TV series in 2016, though wouldn't get into too many details. The Let Me Entertain You Tour kicks off on Friday! Here are the dates:

PERTH Friday 9 October Perth Arena
PERTH Saturday 10 October Perth Arena
ADELAIDE Tuesday 13 October Entertainment Centre
ADELAIDE Wednesday 14 October Entertainment Centre
BRISBANE Saturday 17 October Entertainment Centre
MELBOURNE Thursday 22 October Rod Laver Arena
MELBOURNE Friday 23 October Rod Laver Arena
MELBOURNE Saturday 24 October Rod Laver Arena
SYDNEY Tuesday 27 October Allphones Arena
SYDNEY Wednesday 28 October Allphones Arena
WELLINGTON, NZ Saturday 31 October Basin Reserve
AUCKLAND, NZ Tuesday 3 November Vector Arena

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