Pacha Sydney gets a makeover from world renowned designers The Squared Division

It came as no surprise when the annual inthemix awards named Ivy's Pacha Sydney 'Club Night of the Year' for both 2013 and 2014; the mega party has firmly established itself as the most unique blend of circus, theatre, and cutting edge dance music in the country. Focused on continually evolving as a brand and an entertainment spectacular, Pacha has announced that this year they will be drawing upon the talents of creative designers The Squared Division to help push Pacha further as a distinctive and memorable series of events.

The Squared Division is an Australian creative duo - Ashley Evans and Antony Ginandjar - who have been increasingly successful over in the states as the go-to team for acts like Taylor Swift, Rita Ora, and Ed Sheeran based off of their left-field ideas and penchant for pizzazz.

Previewing just a slice of what they have in store for Pacha at an intimate media call last week, media certainly got a clear idea of just how magnetic and charming their approach to Pacha is shaping up to be. All will be unveiled at the launch edition of Pacha this Saturday 24th January, which not only kicks off the new-look Pacha but also debuts a bunch of exclusive residencies from DJ's who are coming off the most successful year of their careers: MaRLo, Tigerlily, and Timmy Trumpet. In addition, Pacha will be seeing an unrivaled line-up of international headliners throughout 2015.

Inspired by the many strains of popular culture, The Squared Division will lead a talented team to produce extravagant and cutting edge productions every Saturday for Pacha, blending in colour, costumes, dancers, lights, and four specially curated, rotating themes to further the weekly party as the most memorable club night in Australia.

"I'm excited to see the theatrical aspect of the whole thing", Melbourne-based DJ MaRLo tells me as sit down with him to pick his brain about this year's residency. Timmy Trumpet is similarly enthusiastic about the prospects rolling out at Pacha, "This is probably the premiere club in not just Sydney but the whole country, because of the extra things they do. It's more than the music. The sound, lighting,'s all just incredible."

The Squared Division have four very distinctive themed nights planned for Pacha, in a rotating schedule for the next 6 months, after which they will return to Australia from their base in the states to tinker away at more ideas. The four themed nights for the first season are:

Private Parts: The Squared Division describe this as an "avant-garde celebration of the female body, inspired by burlesque and Parisian cabaret". It's "inspired by the female form and how fabulous that is".

Objektophilie: This is all about "bringing to life the concept of "Objectophilia", which is a German word meaning object sexuality, a "strange, peculiar sexuality being people that fall in love with inanimate objects". "The whole night is based on circles and squares and shapes, massive avant-garde costumes made out of balloons and all these crazy things," the duo tell me.

Mason de Fu: The duo describe this as "a mad's just like the turn of the century avant-garde mad house...with hot kinky nurses pushing around fashion victims in wheelchairs who have chanel drip bags coming out of their arms...stuff like that".

Kiss My Tigerlily: This is a night based all around the famous Tigerlily - one of the residents this season at Pacha. "It's really just getting inside her head", The Squared Division duo laugh, "and her head is full of unicorns, rainbows, cupcakes, pizza, and all that. We've tried to bring that all up and just vomit it out onto Pacha, it's like an explosion of colour".

All this will be kicking off this Saturday January 24th at Pacha. For bookings and more information head to the official Pacha website HERE

The full transcript of our interview with The Squared Division is as follows:

What will the Squared Division be bringing to Pacha?

A lot of sexiness, and a little bit of controversy! Thought provoking acts and artists as well. What we want to do is we want people to walk down the laneway and start feeling the experience from the moment they walk in. We want them to walk out with the full experience, whether that be at 4am or earlier.

We;ve got a larger cast than in previous years, so that allows us to fill this venue constantly.

Are there Any specific themes you have come up with for this season of Pacha?

We want every night to be completely different so for the first 6 months we've come up with four nights of entertainment that are a world away from each other. There's not one night which feels like the other, and they'll be rotating. The first night "Private Parts" is inspired by the female body form and how fabulous that is. The second night is called 'Objectaphilly' - that's a German word for object sexuality which is a strange, peculiar sexuality being people that fall in love with inanimate objects. The whole night is based on circles and squares and shapes. Massive avant garde costumes made out of balloons and crazy things

Our third show is called 'Mason de Fu' which in French means 'mad house' that's like turn of the century avant garde mad house, with hot kinky nurses pushing around fashion victims in wheelchairs with chanel drip bags coming out of their arms and stuff like that.

The fourth one is based entirely around Tigerlily and is us trying to bring her mind out to Pacha. It's really just getting inside her head and her head is full of unicorns, rainbows, cupcakes, pizza, and all that. We've tried to bring that all up and just vomit it out onto Pacha, it's like an explosion of colour.

You guys have been killing it in the U.S. Is there anything you have learnt over there that you have brought over here to Pacha?

I think just the fact that we're so heavily involved in the pop music world and working with pop music. We want every night of Pacha to feel like you're going to see an artist's show. It'd be so themed and streamlined that you will really be like 'this feels like a Katy Perry show' or 'this feels like a Gaga show'. It'll have that familiarity.

Where's your focus going to be on each night?

For the openings for each show our focus will be everywhere. I think in the set up, just making sure everything works exactly how we want it to work. Pacha have a really great team behind them who are doing an awesome job at bringing our visions to life. Once we've created it it's really them who keep it alive.