Mullum Music Festival announces 2013 line-up.

Mullum Music Festival is happy to reveal their eclectic line-up for the events sixth year running. Touted as one of the best boutique festival experiences and featuring international and national acts playing blues, roots, bluegrass, reggae and more.

This year sees blind Mexican singer and guitarist Raul Midon joined by the Barefoot Divas, The Basics, Blue Grassy Knoll, Pieta Brown, Love Over Gold, Tinpan Orange, Mama Kin, Jordie Lane, Sal Kimber, Lucie Thorne,Jo Jo Smith and loads more during the four day event.

Check out for more info and see the full line-up below.

Mullum Music Festival 2013 line-up

Raul Midon (US)
The Basics
The Barefoot Divas
Blue Grassy Knoll
Pieta Brown (US)
Swamp Thing (NZ)
Robert Ellis (US)
Arte Kanela Flamenco
Jaaleekaay (Gambia)
Rose Cousins (Can)
Mama Kin
Tinpan Orange
Love Over Gold (Pieta Brown & Lucie Thorne)
Bobby Alu
King Tide
Sticky Fingers
Skipping Girl Vinegar
Sketch The Rhyme
Caitlin Park
Corey Chisel & The Wandering Sons (US)
Old Man Luedecke (Can)
Marlon Williams (NZ)
Jordie Lane
Lucie Thorne
Elana Stone produced by Zebra Zap
Declan Kelly & the Rising Sun
Chocolate Strings
Ray Mann 3
Potato Potato
Jack Carty
Rebecca Ireland
The Junes
The Perch Creek Family Jug Band
Loren Kate
Greg Sheehan
Ben Walsh: Loop Zero
Teatro Matita (Slav)
Miles and Simone
JoJo Smith
Leah Carriage
Starboard Cannons
Mustered Courage
Sal Kimber & The Rollin' Wheel
The Lucky Wonders
Round Mountain Girls
Lez Karski Band
Green Mohair Suits
Annie Plummer
The Sugar Spinner
Walrus & The Carpenter
Sister Mary’s Acoustic Mullum
Victoriana Gaye
James Kenyon
Mr Cassidy
James Teague
Muberry Bend
The Hottentots
Gabriel and Cecilia
Clelia Adams & River Express
Three Little Sisters
Northern Rivers Ukulele Orchestra
Spaghetti Circus
The Pitts
Raise the Roof Community Gospel Choir
The Biggest Little Town Choir
St John's Singers
Stukulele and Miss Amber's Chocolate Wheel
MC Mandy Nolan
Roundabout Theatre Company
a c.a.s.e for correlation
The Curly Cousins
The Magic Bus