Banksy explains why he opened Dismaland; interviews Run the Jewels

In a very rare interview with The Guardian, subversive genius Banksy has taken his time to explain why he recently opened up the oddly wonderful, slightly disconcerting dystopian 'bemusement' park, Dismaland, and what it represents.

"In essence it's a festival of art, amusements and entry-level anarchism", he explained to The Guardian. "I guess you'd say its a theme park whose big theme is - theme parks should have bigger themes".

Describing it as "a theme park for the disenfranchised, with franchises available", Banksy makes it quite clear that Dismaland is a challenge to corporate entertainment and a dissenting statement to what he described as the "art market". It then makes sense that he has recruited some of the more powerful and bold musicians in the industry as part of a curated live music program.

As we reported earlier this week, Banksy has enlisted to likes of hip hop duo Run the Jewels, the legendary Massive Attack, and punk activists Pussy Riot to take part in a weekly music program at the park, which will see live performances every Friday.

The 2.5 acres of beachfront compound on which Dismaland temporarily sits includes a cafe, two bars, and a restaurant, speaking to Banksy's realisation that most people who look at art really do so just for the coffee; apparently. The space also includes a pool, sun terrace, and small ampitheatre.

Dismaland has been modelled on the "failed winter wonderlands" that attract low-income families at the end of every year, all of which apparently get shut down by trading standards, but not before they "charge £20 to look at some alsatians with antlers taped to their heads towing a sleigh made from a skip". Dismaland won't be suffering that same fate though; the park will be shutting itself down, on it's own terms, on September 27th.

"I think a museum is a bad place to look at art; the worst context for art is other art", Banksy tells The Guardian, a primary reason why he chose the location he did. "The advantage of putting art in a small seaside town is you're only competing with donkeys".

You can read the full interview with Banksy HERE.

The legendary street artist also sat down with Run The Jewels, an interview also published on The Guardian, armed with five simple questions and a sense of humour. Topics discussed include Killer Mike's dream of playing Six Flags Over Georgia and what the last thing both Mike and El-P watched on Youtube that made them cry. We also find out that Mike thinks Rihanna is the new Tupac, and El-P agrees with Kanye West in that Kanye West is the greatest living rock star in the world (undoubtedly creating a bit of a dilemma for hipsters around the world).

You can read the full interview with Run the Jewels HERE.

Behold Dismaland: Inside Banksy's Disneyland-inspired theme park

Banksy's Disneyland-inspired theme park is nothing like the one from your childhood.

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Dismaland, Weston-super-Mare, is open 11am-11pm, daily until 27 Sep and tickets can be purchased from

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