Australian pop-rock-folk artist Turner releases debut LP Ghosts and tours.

Inspiration is a funny thing. A memory, a conversation, or in this case being fed the classics like Led Zeppelin & Michael Jackson at the family dinner table as a child. Australian pop-rock-folk artist Turner knows how to take inspiration from any situation. Now one may assume that said child would shake off these memories as the good old days and move on, but Richard has taken these memories in his stride as the foundation of his musical journey.

And his musical journey is just about to get a kick up the behind. The Brisbane-based singer/songwriter’s debut LP Ghosts is released globally on the 18th July 2011. REVERB Magazine called the album, “phenomenally catchy” and we simply call it, “a masterpiece”. An auto-biographical look at what the last few years of Turner’s life, Ghosts is an insight into Turner’s headspace.

“Your late 20s are a time to really solidify yourself and your goals as a person and for a while there I was in limbo as to what those goals were. I didn’t really know where the hell I was meant to be. The landscape of my family has changed quite significantly as well in this time, in bot a positive and negative way. Those changes have really defined my path and without a doubt defined the tone of the album.”

With the open tunings of Jeff Buckley and the subtle atmospheric soundscapes created by Radiohead, both a significant part of the Turner blueprint, partnered with the unlikely pop influencers of Sia and Sarah Blasko, the Turner tunes are a thing of vast beauty. A little pop, a little rock and a little folk, rich in colour and undertone. Eddie Vedder meets Tonic meats Gotye, if you will. And don’t let the term pop turn you off, because it’s those subtle pop sensibilities that keeps us hooked and coming back for a second helping.

Debut LP Ghosts and single Move will be released worldwide digitally through Valleyarm on 18th July 2011. Forthcoming single Move also appears on the Absolute Pop Compilation out now.

Upcoming Shows

Wednesday 20 July: The Old Manly Boatshed, Sydney
Friday 22 July: Vibe On Smith, Melbourne
Tuesday 26 July: The Palmy Cafe, Gold Coast

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