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NEWS OF THE ARTS | the AU review

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Hardware Gallery in Sydney announces new exhibitions featuring installation and painting


New exhibitions by Yuri Shimmyo and Mark O'Ryan
Play School, Crocodile Dundee, a child roaming alone on Sydney's Cockatoo Island and aluminium cushions inflated with a garden hose - these are amongst the wide variety of influences and art practices that have lead to two new solo exhibitions opening at Hardware Gallery this month.

Line-up Announced for Live Red Arts Free Gig this Sunday

Fuji Collective will headline a free gig at the Live Red Art Awards and Festival after party this Sunday October 17th.

The group will bring their community-minded, independent brand of big-band soul, funk and unpredictability to the grassy lawns of the Addison Road Community Centre for a spring-time evening of socially conscious and politically radical music and art.

The after party is set to provide a sunny spring time festival vibe, so expect cocktails filled to the brim with midori, face paint, socially conscious funk and hip hop music.