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Single of the Day: LANU ft. Megan Washington - "Dragon Sun" (2015)

Lance Ferguson has taken some time out from generating some serious soul/funk heat with The Bamboos to take a dip into the sun-drenched Pacific with his latest single under his Lanu moniker, "Dragon Sun". Teaming up with Megan Washington once more, Ferguson's new single conjures the romanticised images of the South Seas and the rhythmic ebbs and flows of the waves lapping against some idyllic and golden beaches.

Single of the Day: Jordan Millar "True Or Nothing" (2015)

Jordan Millar has long been a favourite with AU staff, the charismatic songwriter and performer always making an impact whenever we happen to catch him performing live. Regardless of the stage, Millar's music presents itself as a great fusion of rhythm, lyricism and depth - his narratives are heartfelt and after releasing two albums and a series of EPs through his career, the sonic development Millar has demonstrated through 2015 has been a natural progression as opposed to any unprecedented jut out into another direction. His latest single, "True Or Nothing", is another example.

Single of the Day: Twin Haus "I Used To Think" (2015)

A bit of a chilled out track for today, with Twin Haus providing our single of the day. Ambient and direct all at the same time, Twin Haus blur the lines between trippy and rocking in a seriously cool way that will probably have you playing this song on repeat while you chill out during an afternoon.

Music Video of the Day: Slum Sociable “All Night” (2015)

Slum Sociable have been having a great year; they’ve released two killer singles, been one of the most talked about bands at BIGSOUND, and are set for a showcase at CMJ in New York, beginning next week. And on top of all this, their debut EP and video for single “All Night” just got released. The video, which definitely does not take itself too seriously, is beautifully filmed, which you can check out here...

Single of the Day: City Calm Down “Son” (2015)

City Calm Down have a sound that sets them apart from the rest. Their new song “Son” blend their signature sound of lush ambience into a standard rock lineup, jumping from indie rock sounds to electronica flawlessly. This new track comes alongside the their national tour, hitting Adelaide tomorrow night. Check out the new track here, and find the tour dates below.

Exclusive Single Premiere: Max Chillen "Vietnam" (2015)

18 year old Brisbane musician Max Chillen is certainly drawing influence from all the right places, citing the likes of LCD Soundsystem and TV On the Radio as inspiration for his off-kilter sound. The multi-instrumentalist is just about ready to showcase his dark dance-punk style to a wider audience with a six-song EP, titled Coffin Fit, premiering the project's first single here on the AU.

Single of the Day: Neon Tiger "Silver Linings" (2015)

Aside from having one of the coolest band names ever, Neon Tiger also have a new EP Live Young out. “Silver Linings” is the first single from the release and it brings some seriously catchy indie-rock vibes to the table that draw similarities to Panic At The Disco and Birds of Tokyo.

Single of the Day: KLP Feat. Remi "Recover" (2015)

Sydney's KLP (AKA Kristy Lee Peters) has teamed up with unstoppable Melbourne rapper Remi for her new track "Recover", a sure-shot hit for Australia's festival season with its breathlessly energetic vibe. Full of Kristy's layered vocals and Remi's witty lyricism, the hyperactive song is yet another strong offering from the multi-talented Triple J House Party host.

Single of the Day: L D R U (feat. Paige IV) "Keeping Score" (2015)

Trap is the flavour of the day with L D R U’s “Keeping Score” featuring Paige IV. The interplay between Paige IV’s vocals and the piano chordal progressions are the true heroes of this track, building up brilliantly to the instrumental breaks that drop with awesome contrast.

Single of the Day: Deena "Turpentine" (2015)

Brisbane’s Deena has just released her new single; the dark bluesy track “Turpentine”. Opening simply with Deena’s powerful vocals alongside electric guitar, this song grows into an intense, distorted climax. Deena and her band have just kicked off their Australian tour in support of the single, making their way around all major Australian cities. Treat yourself to “Turpentine” here, and check the tour dates below.

Music Video of the Day: JOY. “About Us” (2015)

Photo: Littlek Photography.

JOY.’s sound is the combination of flawlessly stunning vocals over minimalistic modern production. Her new track “About Us” stays true to form, and now has a beautiful video alongside it; working off the dark vibes of the track to create an unbelievably cohesive piece of visual and audio art.

Single of the Day: Matt Corby "Monday" (2015)

It's been a long wait for new Matt Corby music. Despite playing headline shows to thousands of people around Australia, the singer is yet to release his debut album. His new track, "Monday" screams Jeff Buckley influences, and we're definitely not complaining about that; layered vocals and simple percussion create an atmospheric space for Corby's falsetto to sit perfectly over. Give it a listen here...

Single of the Day: Auguste "Slow Motion" (2015)

If ever a song could be described as a multilayered chillfest, it’s Auguste’s “Slow Motion”. This brooding track hits all the right notes as it carries you along, with dual female vocals hovering over a steady electronic beat. It’s difficult to do this piece justice with words, so do yourself a favour and give it a listen here:

Single of the Day: The Reversals "Coming Down With You" (2015)

Hailing from Brisbane, 5 piece indie-alternative group The Reversals have a sound that’s hard not to like. “Coming Down With You” is the latest from the group and mixes catchy melodies with tight guitar work and just the right amount of synth. You can stream it on Soundcloud now: