Single Stream: Muse - Madness (2012)

Muse today released the video clip for "Madness", the second song they've released from their forthcoming sixth record, The 2nd Law. The song, like with everything else released from the record so far, has managed to divide both hardcore Muse fans as well as the general public, but I quite like this one. Passionate embraces in amongst riots in a subway, whilst Matt Bellamy wails and gets his Queen on. Judge for yourself.


I would be surprised if this clip wasn't inspired by the viral "make love not war" photo from the Vancouver riot, the video is gorgeous and as melodramatic as the song itself. A mix of an R&B and rock ballad with some electronica thrown in sounds terrible on paper, but it works here and should be appreciated by all Muse fans, even if they think it's too "soft" for their macho brains to wrap around. 8/10

September 6, 2012 - 3:32pm