Exclusive Music Video Premiere: Satellite Sky "Bleary Eyed Fashion" (2014)

Kim and Pete Kicks make up Melbourne duo Satellite Sky, who currently find themselves based in Los Angeles (where we once caught up with them out the front of an In n'Out Burger) and have had a busy year off their back of their EP Bleary Eyed Fashion. Today, in conjunction with Los Angeles Fashion Week, the duo are releasing the music video for the eponymous single and we're excited to premiere if on the AU! The band have provided some words about what they've been up to as well... enjoy that after the clip!

A Message From The Band:

It's been a busy year for us so far. While most of 2013 was spent touring throughout the U.S, hitting everywhere from California to Georgia, we've spent the majority of 2014 playing predominantly locally in California. We've also been involved in performing for a number of big charity events for non profit's over here, ranging from domestic violence, to a clothing drive for the homeless.

We recently had the opportunity to play some shows for the U.S Military, which was pretty awesome. A number of the soldiers were being deployed to Afghanistan shortly after, so it was a very humbling experience to be able to play for them. The response was quite overwhelming as the soldiers definitely enjoy their rock n roll! They really took great care of us while we were on the base and we met some fascinating people who were quite inspiring.

We're excited to be releasing the music video for our current single 'Bleary Eyed Fashion' in conjunction with Los Angeles Fashion Week. We teamed up with a kickass director James R Petix, who is originally from Detroit and grew up in that whole rock n roll scene over there in the early 2000's. It was shot in a studio in downtown L.A. The concept of the video was loosely based on a 1966 film called 'Blow Up' which is about an arrogant, self absorbed fashion photographer. Funnily enough, when I was watching the film prior to the shoot for inspiration to be an arrogant prick, there's this weird scene where the main character walks into a small club and The Yardbirds just happen to be playing on stage...totally random but very cool!

We shot on a customized Digibolex camera to give it that 60's vibe while maintaining a modern edge and it definitely wasn't too difficult to find cute girls in L.A to cast as models. We were lucky to work with clothing company Moods of Norway who provided the majority of outfits used during the shoot, including that amazing blue suit I'm wearing in the final shots.

The song itself was premiered on radio by Henry Rollins on his KCRW show, which we got a big kick out of as we've been huge fans of his for years. It was also featured in SyFy Channel's hit show 'Being Human' (it's one of those Vampire/Werewolf shows). All the characters got down and danced, played air guitar and partied to the song in the scene.

To celebrate the music video release, this week we're offering a free download of the single at:

Bleary Eyed Fashion EP is available at