Music Video of the Day: Peking Duk "Say My Name" (2015)

Canberra's Peking Duk regularly deliver some pretty great content - both in music and video form. Their latest video for "Say My Name" (featuring Benjamin Joseph) may just take the cake, however. The Anthony Chirco directed video is hilarious and features Matt McGorry of Orange Is The New Black and How To Get Away With Murder. Adam from the duo, as well as Matt himself had a few words to say about our Music Video of the day:

"We first came up with this idea for the clip after our set at Coachella. The casting was without a doubt the biggest obstacle in our heads when brainstorming. Then Matt McGorry came up. We weren't aware of how brilliant this man was on the dancing front, yet we were excited to proceed and see what would happen. All our hopes and expectations were ABSOLUTELY blown out of the park. Matt was hands down the BEST man for the job and took our initial vision to new heights the minute he rocked up to the set."

Matt McGorry says, "Filming this video was insanely fun. 'Say My Name' is totally infectious and a great track to get pumped to, whether you're getting ready to go out on a Saturday night or trying to wake up for work on Monday morning. The guys themselves are awesome as well! Their humor, energy and overall vibe was a perfect fit for this collaboration. Don't attempt to recreate this at home."

Watch the amazing clip here:

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