Hello Asia! News: Namie Amuro set to release new EP "Big Boys Cry / Beautiful"

Written right here in the land of Oz, Japanese superstar Namie Amuro’s (安室奈美恵) newest single "Big Boys Cry / Beautiful" is set to release on March 3rd.

M/V for Big Boys Cry

So who is she?

Namie Amuro debuted at age 14 in eurobeat group SUPER MONKEYS which was comprised of her and other female classmates from the Okinawa Actor’s School. They were not hugely popular so eventually the other members formed the group MAX while Namie Amuro released solo singles. After switching to the Avex Trax label, she worked with producer Tetsuya Komura and her second single with him “Chase the Chance” became her first number-one million-selling single!

“Chase the Chance” Commercial

Having been 20 years in the music industry, Namie Amuro has released ten studio albums and acted in a handful of Japanese dramas. Her most popular album to date is her first original studio album Sweet 19 Blues (1996) which has sold over three million copies and made her one of Japan’s most popular and successful artists. At the height of her career, her fashion was dubbed “Amuraa” and fans wore mini-skirts, platform boots and copied her tanned skin and thin eyebrows. She has overcome personal tragedy in her family as well as divorce during the span of her career but has stayed strong in her career through her changes in popularity and styles.

The fairytale-esque “Do Me More”, a promotional single for her album Best Fiction

She is currently on tour in Taiwan and will be holding a concert in Singapore on April 26th 2013. I’ll leave you with a performance of one of my favourite Namie Amuro songs.

“A Walk in the Park”