Free Music: The Ovals - Into The Eyes Of Those That Sleep - Full EP!

One of the most promising young bands out of Melbourne are The Ovals, and they've been kind enough to share with you a four track EP - which we're passing along to you for your listening pleasure.

"Refugee" will be the lead single off the EP, entitled Into The Eyes Of Those That Sleep.

Into The Eyes Of Those That Sleep - The Ovals by showoffservices


Since their inception four years ago, Melbourne's The Ovals have staked out a unique niche in the city's bustling live scene, hitting a chord with punters and critics alike.

Combining the visions of David Kalkman (keys, vox), Tadhg W Neal (guitar, vox), Daniel Smith (bass), Duane Manning (drums) The Ovals explode the psychedelic rock canon; fusing it with progressive rock sensibilities alongside a deeply considered musicality.

Informed by the artistic practice of such musical revolutionaries as Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Can and Ash Ra Tempel; The Ovals' kaleidoscopic dreamscapes are both intoxicating and visceral, taking the listener into ranging msical terrains. Says Kalkman, "Through our music we like to invoke a sense of wonder and the big picture. Tadhg writes poetry and we're interested in philosophy and literature so I think that is reflected in the music and lyrics."

The Ovals have built upon and expanded on their previous effort, 2009's Innerspace, to create an EP of singular vision and addictive appeal. The labor of over a year of writing, Into The Eyes Of Those That Sleep is a four-track marvel of painstakingly crafted progressive psychedelic rock.

The EP will be launched at Cherry Bar on the 25th of March before The Ovals trip the light fantastic up the East Coast taking their technicolour parallel universe to the masses.

EP Tour:
Friday, March 25 - Cherry Bar - Melbourne, VIC
Friday, April 1 - X&Y Bar - Brisbane, QLD
Friday, April 8 - Oxford Arts Gallery - Sydney, NSW