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MELBOURNE | the AU review

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Bloc Party + Van She - Festival Hall (20.11.08)

To be honest, I didn’t really have great expectations of tonight, I assumed that it was going to end up a totally snooze fest, with a two hour long over indulgent, boring, nothingness of a set. Well, turns out it was anything but!

The Grates + The Vasco Era - The Peninsular Lounge (09.10.08)

It has been several years since I’ve seen the Grates, not since before the release of their first album, and so I was excited to see this little firecracker of a pop band again!

Van She + Lost Valentinos - The Peninsular Lounge (10.09.08)

After finding their album to be a little lack-lustrous, I was eager to see what Van she had to offer live, and so when the opportunity arose to go see these Modular-darlings I snaffled it right up, to see if any possible life could be brought out in the songs that on record just felt so flat.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre + The Lovetones - The HiFi Bar (30.08.08)

I was majorly excited about tonight because a) it has been ages since I’ve seen a band that has had to travel more than three hours by plane to get to Melbourne and b) BECAUSE IT IS THE BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE!!!