Live Review: Loon Lake - Howler, Melbourne (11.10.13)

Standing in great anticipation, I geared myself up for a night of electronic grooves, catchy chord progressions and teenage groupies dancing way too ferociously. Loon Lake’s down-right infectious performance at Howler obliterated my already high expectations.

In what will always catch me by surprise and delight, Loon Lake’s sound is more suited to a live atmosphere. Particularly, the new tracks of their debut LP, Gloamer. The bustling electro fillers, pop-drenched riffs and spot-on rhythm section comparatively come off a little too polished on the record. Translating this sound to a live setting enabled a somewhat looser interpretation. This fluidity is what gave the show an extra edge and a greater focus on each sonic component.

The boys opened with "Tonight" (as Gloamer does), a nifty instrumental riff with electronic vibes that was enough to hush the packed out room. "On Fire" followed, its hard hitting beat getting everyone moving in a matter of seconds. A great live track, Sam Nolan’s vocals set the bar high, well accompanied by a reoccurring electro sequence that will wash around in your head for days. One of more unfamiliar tracks off their debut LP, "Spain" saw a laidback listening environment. The crowd calmed to soak up the fresh and likely unheard material. "City Lights" came in with its move-inducing beat, perfectly building to the chorus and a pop-electro filler that had limbs flailing and heads bopping. "Parties" was a standout, Nolan’s voice soared and the instrumental was meticulous. The five-piece closed with a well-loved classic, "Cherry Lips", featuring an epic guitar solo that got the crowd moving. A unanimously requested encore saw the boys cover New Radicals, "You Get What You Give" and absolutely nail it. Closing the night with an original Loon Lake favourite, "In The Summer" gave way to one last boogie.

The Gloamer album launch saw the perfect mishmash of old and new, rife with those electro pangs we love and a welcomed integration of live improvisation. That pop-rock meld just keeps getting better.