Comedy Review: Luke and Wyatt- This Way Up

Despite their recent success catering to the eight to twelve age set, Melbourne-via-Perth Luke and Wyatt’s show This Way Up is more for the adults in the audience; not to say that the show is ‘blue’ in tone, but Luke and Wyatt are cheeky boys both.

From their criminally short Nintendo song (one for the nerds in the crowd, hello Lisa) to their use of "Life" by Desiree (don’t pretend you don’t know the words…), Luke and Wyatt are somewhat absurd but silly and creative in their mostly musical comedy bent.

Their off-the-cuff banter and creative song themes (an ant in love, a 1920’s-style rap) managed to keep the show looser and less cheesy than other musical comedians and their self-aware finale song wraps up the Luke and Wyatt silliness ethos perfectly: “It’s not Tim Minchin/ But it’s the best we can do”

As I grow to cross the painfully slow pedestrian lights outside Trades Hall, I hear men remarking on the show we have all just exited: the words ‘pizzazz’ and ‘energy’ are used to describe the young Luke and Wyatt and, you know, chuck in ‘loveable’ and ‘musically dexterous’ and you have a pretty succinct description.

This Way Up is playing until April 23. Head to and for info and tickets.