Melbourne International Comedy Festival Live Review: Aardvarks Anonymous: Life Lessons With Michelle & Gemma - Word Warehouse (04.04.13)

The one thing about Life Lessons that you can be sure of is the amazing amount of friendship shown between the two performers on stage, Michelle Mammana and Gemma Duncan, who obviously are insanely close to one another. A melding of both observational and visual comedy make for a unique show that isn't too weird for discerning comedy lovers.

At times we did see some down-the-line comedy focusing on awkwardness in the bedroom, but these parts of the production were in themselves twisted and deftly handled with a wonderful playfulness. In actual fact, every aspect of the show is endearingly lively and wonderfully upbeat.

ThIS beautiful relationship between these two performers is apparent straight from the beginning of the show. They certainly didn’t miss a beat at all in this polished performance. It will certainly educe warm thoughts about the whole notion of friendship on the walk home after the show is done.