Photo Gallery: Absinthe - The Spiegeltent, Rooftop at Crown, Melbourne (Performance through 26th April 2015)

Spiegelworld has arrived in Melbourne and the team has opened its smash-hit Las Vegas show Absinthe, a follow-up to its record-breaking show Empire which was seen by an incredible 200,000 Australians. Inspired by the absinthe-drenched cabarets of late 19th century Europe, Absinthe is an adult-themed cocktail of circus, comedy, burlesque and vaudeville for a 21st century audience. Carl Dziunka went along to capture images from a mini performance of the full show.

Eating with the AU: La Svolta - Prahran (Melbourne)

From the moment we entered Prahran restaurant La Svolta we were made to feel special. We were gleefully met at the door by the wonderful Stefano, who with a big grin declared that he had been waiting for us. We were seated at “the best table in the house” and handed us our menus. Whilst we perused the delightful delicacies we took in our surroundings. Nestled down quiet Cecil St off busy Chapel St, La Svolta took me straight back to Italy.

Ayumi Hamasaki Releases New Video in Collaboration with JJ Lin

Japanese songstress Ayumi Hamasaki has recently released the full-length MV of her latest single The Gift, a track written and composed in collaboration with Singaporean-born JJ Lin.

Eating with the AU: Baskervilles Jaffles Food Truck - Various Locations (Melbourne)

When I was a poor student I did not have the skills required to operate sophisticated kitchen equipment such as woks or frying pans. In order to survive, I was forced to resort to a diet that consisted mostly of jaffles. Not only was this a tasty stopgap, but it successfully kept me alive. Since then a lot has changed. Not only have I developed the ability to stir fry with the same finesse as Jamie Oliver, but I’ve also discovered that Baskervilles Jaffles have given toasted bread a new lease on life. They are the latest food truck to emerge within Melbourne, and have taken to the streets to convince even the staunchest critic that jaffles are no longer the meal of the shamed or the hiding ground for plastic cheese and tinned spaghetti.

Eating with the AU: Rustica Sourdough Bakery and Cafe - Fitzroy (Melbounre)

Situated in the heart of Fitzroy on eclectic Brunswick Street is the unassuming Rustica Sourdough Bakery & Café. It would be easy to drift by in complete ignorance, if it weren’t for the warm aroma of freshly-baked bread and rich, enigmatic notes of roasted coffee beans encircling and drawing people inside.

Drinking with the AU: Bier Akademie at Munich Brauhaus - South Wharf (Melbourne)

We are seated like naughty kids in the back row of the intimate loft space at Munich Brauhaus. Below us roars the festive tunes of a traditional German oom pah pah band. The tables are glistening with bright glassware, reflective of our anticipation. At the front of the classroom stands our Bier Meister. He signals for our attention and with that, we are welcomed to the Bier Akademie – one of the standout features of this year’s Melbourne Food & Wine Festival.

Festival Review: Future Music Festival - Flemmington Racecourse, Melbourne (08.03.15)

Image captured by Perrie Cassie

In the wake of a year that should best be remembered as the festival killer, the management at Future Music must have at least been a bit anxious. Big Day Out was forced to skip the year due to losses, Soundwave Fest were forced to cut out not one but two whole cities from their line–up, and death was swift for the likes of Pyramid Rock, Harvest Fest and even Future Music Asia. Combine that with the fact that they had banked most of their money on one [non-recycled] major headliner who, despite having the draw of this being their first Australian tour, hadn’t released a full length album since mid–2013. So when Drake released his newest mixtape If You’re Reading this it’s Too Late, the festival probably saw it as much of a godsend as his fans did. But can a festival survive with one single [non-recycled] headliner?

Photo Gallery: Future Music Festival - Flemington Racecourse, Melbourne (08.03.15)

Perri Cassie brings us his photos from the day that was Future Music Festival at Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne. This gallery features the likes of Drake, 2 Chainz, Bassjackers Die Antwoord, Example, Hilltop Hoods and more!

Live Review: First Aid Kit - Palais Theatre, Melbourne (06.03.15)

Here in Australia to play at Golden Plains, Swedish sister duo Klara, 22 and Johanna Soderberg, 24 of First Aid Kit are back for their second Melbourne shows in less than a year. While their previous tour in July 2014 was largely to promote the release of third album Stay Gold, tonight is a celebration of the band’s music to date, with fans of all ages out to enjoy their American folk and country inspired sound.

Photo Gallery: Dan Sultan + Benny Walker - Melbourne Zoo (05.03.15)

With his original show at the Melbourne Zoo rained out completely back in February, the crew behind the Zoo Twilight Series rescheduled Dan Sultan's highly anticipated show to take place this week. Supported by Benny Walker, Sultan did not disappoint! Tony Proudfoot brings us these photos from the show.

Live Review: Something For Kate - Howler, Melbourne (04.03.15)

The surprise announcement of Something For Kate's intimate warm-up Howler show in anticipation of their Golden Plains set had a fair few people more excited than your typical Wednesday. As someone that has seen Something For Kate more times than you could count, it's fair to say Wednesday night was truly unique. The lack of Stephanie Ashworth taking charge of the bass remained unsettling throughout the whole evening, but their explosive 80+ minute performance sans-Steph was the mark of the consummate professionals these guys are.

Event Review: Dandenong World Fare - Dandenong Market (Melbourne)

When you think of Dandenong, it doesn’t immediately conjure up an image of good food and live entertainment, however, on a beautiful Sunday afternoon I found myself on my way to the Dandenong World Fare. Picked up in our own private car and chauffeured straight down the Princess highway, we arrived at our destination. Music hung in the air as we made out way up the stairs. A myriad of brightly coloured stalls were set out before us, and loud voices could be heard coming from a looming large red tent. We entered and found ourselves confronted with a deliberately over the top gentleman dressed as a chef. A curled moustache adorned his face and various magic tricks took up room in his pockets. Individuals young and old stood in the crowd enjoying the show as a band arranged instruments in preparation for their set.

Event Review: Tomato Battle Melbourne - Flemington Racecourse, Melbourne (28.02.15)

Photo by John Koch

When I was 21 I wrote myself a bucket list. On it were all the glorious adventures I wanted to have and all the grand goals I wanted to achieve throughout my life. Nestled between ‘ride a gondola down a Venetian canal’ and ‘go ice skating in Central Park’ was one of my favourites on the list, ‘participate in La Tomatina Tomato Festival in Spain’.

Photo Gallery: Angus & Julia Stone + Cloud Control - Margaret Court Arena, Melbourne (27.02.15)

Angus and Julia Stone played a fantastic show in Melbourne over the weekend, supported by Cloud Control and a slew of fantastic musicians. Kimberley Salmond brings us this gallery from the night out at Margaret Court Arena.

Live Review: Angus & Julia Stone - Margaret Court Arena, Melbourne (27.02.15)

Well sweet Jesus, Margaret Court Arena. You make for one fine live music venue, don’t you! When I first heard that MCA was expanding her purpose beyond tennis and hosting an array of concerts and gigs, I had difficulty picturing this concept but only because the last time I was here was well before her renovation, which was debuted at this year’s Australian Open.