Critics Corner: Peabody - Black Narcissus


Hello readers and welcome to my new segment, Critics Corner! In
this, I ask two of the AU review's prominent writers to write a short
review on a new song. In this installment, we take a look at Peabody's new single "Black Narcissus". I've asked Kat Mahina
and David Young to take this one on... take it away!

Oh, and then we'll pass the song along for you to enjoy :)

Kat Mahina (Melbourne) Review:

Sydney boys
Peabody are one of those bands that have been around forever, and never quite
achieved the recognition they deserve for being purveyor’s of fine Australian
indie rock (remember 2005’s LP The New Violence? Pure gold). Their new single
"Black Narcissus" is a tightly constructed track that showcases the strong
musicianship of the band and their enduring ability to write enjoyable, fast
paced, loud rawk. "Black Narcissus" is intense but fun, with the right blend of
distorted guitar and pounding bass to wildly jump around to. A good taste of
even better things to come from their soon to be released LP Loose


David Young (Wollongong) Review:

Amazingly, Peabody's last studio album The New Violence still sounds incredibly fresh and vital after so many years, its post-punk energy raging out of the gates. Their new single "Black Narcissus" keeps up this grungy vitriol and engages you almost instantly. The spiky lead guitar mixes a Johnny Ramone buzzsaw with Thurston Moore licks, while the rhythm section pounds through the arrangement as if they're trying to break down a wall. Sure, plenty of bands have been peddling this kind of sound since Peabody's last go around - Children Collide and Violent Soho immediately spring to mind. Even still, no Aussie act does it quite like Peabody - and it's tracks like this that prove it. Bring on the new record!