the AU interview: Dan Presser (Rosella) talks top BBQ tips for Aussies

Aussie brand Rosella has been around since the late 1800's now, constantly delivering quality, purity, and taste through their commitment to 100% Australian produce. With Australia Day fast approach, we thought we'd catch up with the family-owned company's Executive Chairman Dan Presser and pick his brain about a free guide Rosella have released on their website. Titled The People's Guide to an Aussie BBBQ the guide collates the top barbeque tips from Australians, for Australians. Check out our Q&A below.

What can people expect from 'The People's Guide to an Aussie BBQ'?

‘The People’s Guide to an Aussie BBQ’ is a completely free digital guide developed by Australians, for Australians. People can expect simple tips and tricks to creating the ultimate summer barbeque with family and friends, especially as the Christmas festive season is just around the corner. The guide includes interesting food facts and advice on barbeque cleaning, great family-friendly barbeque sites, the best cuts of meat, cooking techniques and marinade recipes, side dishes, must have barbeque accessories, safety tips and cooking Christmas Lunch on the barbeque this summer.

The BBQ summer guide has also been developed in conjunction with Rosella’s mission to providing Australian quality, purity and taste in all its products with an uncompromising attitude to using only the best of ingredients.

How did this idea to have a crowd sourced guide to BBQing originate?

Rosella is affectionately known as the ‘people’s brand’ so we decided what could be better than calling on Aussies themselves all around the nation to share their best tips and tricks with us. There’s nothing better – or more Australian – than enjoying a family barbecue in your own backyard. With research showing that 82 per cent of Australians own an outdoor barbeque, we used our insight that Australians all have their own style and habits for making the ultimate barbie this summer.

What would be some of your most immediate tips when advising someone on how to cook the perfect BBQ?

The most immediate tips that come to mind revolve around choosing the right meats to grill. It all depends on the style of cooking you want to adopt for your next barbeque. For a quick, hot BBQ that guarantees food on the table in a matter of minutes, the Rosella fans recommend juicy steaks such as a porterhouse or scotch fillet, marinated chicken tenderloins and lamb chops. If you have more time up your sleeve and perhaps want to try an American-style BBQ, a butterflied shoulder of lamb or pork ribs are the way to go.

One of the best ways to celebrate a huge Christmas or Australia Day feast is firing up the barbie. To avoid overheating your kitchen, the BBQ comes in extra handy when roasting a traditional turkey or duck, fresh seafood, vegetables or even fruit such as pineapple and banana for a warm fruit salad that’s delicious when served with ice cream and chocolate sauce.

Are there any tips one might not readily expect when thinking about your typical Aussie BBQ?

The tip that struck me as unexpected is the beer marinade. Beer doesn’t just have to be a popular Aussie BBQ beverage but it could actually be good for you. Research has found that marinating meat in beer, preferably a lager, before grilling it can help to soak up free radicals and ultimately could reduce the risk of colon cancer. The beer marinade combines orange slices, onion, garlic and soy sauce with a cup of beer, creating a delicious steak with unique flavour.

Where do you feel are the best BBQ spots in Australia? 

There are plenty of beautiful public BBQ spots in Australia where families and friends can enjoy freshly cooked food in the great outdoors. Some include Leslie Dam in Queensland, Kings Park in Perth and Ashfield Park in Sydney. Always your local council website or can help one find the best BBQ site.

Is there anything else necessary for one to throw the best BBQ they can?

Of course… don’t forget lots of Rosella Tomato Sauce! It’s 100 per cent Australian grown tomatoes from Goulburn Valley in the Victoria region.

In terms of equipment, what should people look for when preparing for a BBQ? How should people select their BBQ equipment?

There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing the best BBQ, whether it is gas, coal, wood or electric. Many of the Aussies that sent in their BBQ tips and tricks believe the pure convenience of a gas barbecue is the way to go. You just simply connect to a gas tank, ignite the grill, turn it to your desired temperature and then you are ready to cook. Some more experienced BBQers among our fans suggested that an old-school wood or coal barbecue is best for a more authentic, smoky barbequed flavour.

In terms of cooking, to gently flip steaks and chops without piercing the meat, long handed tongs and the humble kitchen spatula are always good options. If people are looking for a more natural option, a handful of fresh herbs dipped in oil can be used to baste and move the meat as well.

What else is in the works for Rosella?

Always in the works for Rosella is ensuring another five generations gets to enjoy the brand’s home-grown quality, purity and taste. Our growth plans to expand the current product range will ensure Rosella remains relevant and top of mind to the new generations of consumers. Rosella will be extending its range of canned soup varieties next season which are expected to be on grocery shelves ahead of the soup season.

Rosella is focused in re-establishing the brand’s footprint and whilst we continue to look forward we will be taking time this year to look back and celebrate the brands 120th anniversary, since its establishment back in 1895.

Why do you think it's important that Rosella become 100% home-grown and manufactured, what are the biggest benefits of this? 

Rosella is proudly Australian grown, made and owned. It’s important to protect Australian historic brands and heritage in a world of foreign owned multinationals.

Since Sabrands purchased Rosella in 2013, we have immediately set about restoring the original vision for the brand. Our core focus became restoring Rosella’s ingredients using Australian grown produce, which is known to be amongst the best in the world, as well as well as supporting Australian businesses and farmers. Rosella has successfully re-established local production for all products, with Rosella sauce and condiments being produced at Silvan, in the Yarra Ranges east of Melbourne, whilst Rosella relishes, chutneys and pickled vegetables are produced in South Australia.

Not only does Rosella aim to support Australian agricultural and manufacturing businesses, but we are dedicated to remaining deeply entrenched in the heritage and national identity of many Australians.

How difficult is it for a business to become 100% home-grown and manufactured?

Rosella is committed to its Australian roots by sourcing from Australian grown ingredients wherever possible, using local manufacturing business and supporting local industries and job sustainability. At times, however, it can be challenging to source high quality ingredients at competitive prices to compete with overseas imports. Sometimes the breadth of locally grown ingredients is limited and sometimes even unavailable in Australia.

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