F&L Guide Top 5: Best Fried Chicken in Sydney

Pictured: Fried chicken from Arisun's Express restaurant at World Square

You can tell that we really love our fried chicken can't you? We already gave you our favourite fried chicken joints in Melbourne, now we bring it a little closer to our main office with a list of Sydney's best fried chicken. Whether it be for lunch, dinner, or dessert (no one has fried chicken for breakfast, be reasonable here) the following 5 venues have become known for their reliable, consistently excellent fried chicken.

NaruOne Korean Restaurant
Address: World Square, 375 Pitt Street
Style: Korean Fried Chicken

There's something about Korean style fried chicken that excels way past the rest - it's usually double fried, and seasoned with strong flavours. Here at NaruOne, whether it's dripping (and glowing) with mildly spicy, highly flavourful sauce or simply delivering that amazing crispy-to-soft texture that we can't get enough of, the Korean style fried chicken is something legends are made of.

You can't really order up some fried chicken here if you aren't in a group of 2 or more though, the expensive share platters of fried chicken are meant to be greedily torn apart by multiple people who are willing to split the high asking price. Don't worry, once it's on the table you can just sneak in a few more pieces of that moist greatness before the others realise.

You have the option of four types of Korean Fried Chicken (the real KFC in my opinion): sweet and spicy, plain, plain with spring onions, and boneless. If you want the best experience go for the $33 half-and-half and get original with sweet & spicy.

Want to know another reason why NaruOne is one of our favourites? It's open until 3am from Tuesday to Saturday (10pm Sun and Mon) *praise hands emoji*.

Address: 1 Dixon Street
Style: Korean Fried Chicken

If you haven't been to Arisun by now then you just aren't doing Sydney, or chasing the fried chicken dream, right. Their golden brown fried chicken is something legends are made of, lightly seasoned and holding in all that flavourful juice just waiting to pleasure your palette. A bowl of these generously large pieces will set you back just $30 so if you're sharing it's a no brainer. There's Hot & Spicy chicken with melted cheese but our favourite is the Sweet Soy sauce deep fried chicken, moist and dripping with a soy sauce that doesn't go heavy on the salt.

Arisun also have opened up an express store to meet high demand, at the very central location of World Square. We reviewed it HERE. The express store is open until 3am every day except Sunday.

Address 6 Mary Street, Newtown (Also located at 154 Castlereagh Street, CBD)
Style: Buttermilk Fried Chicken

Not only does Newtown's Mary's brag some of the most hysterically popular burgers that have ever existed in Sydney, but they offer up some of the city's best fried chicken, of the buttermilk variety. Holding in all those delicious juices, and seasoned liberally, these large pieces of crispy golden chicken are heaven sent, especially with their rich hot sauce and the sides of chips and gravy. There's that extra hit of flavour as you taste the glistening maple syrup which makes up a big part of the marinade, edging Mary's pieces of fried chicken ahead of the pack. You can order some full birds here, or if you're being modest, half a chicken.

Moon Park
Address: 34 Redfern Street, Redfern
Style: Buttermilk Fried Chicken

Moon Park adapts many styles into their focus on contemporary Korean food, and this results in some seriously delicious eats, none more so than their interpretation of fried chicken. Think of it as a cross between traditional Korean style fried chicken and glistening buttermilk fried chicken, meeting at the middle of the road where a salty, fermented shrimp sauce struts along and adds a third dimension to the combination. They serve these black sesame seeds, and a soy & sugar sauce on the plate, coating the bottom of these pieces well; mop up these juices before you crunch down on these essential pieces of fried greatness.

The Sparrow's Mill
Address: 116-120 Liverpool Street, CBD
Style: Various; Korean Fried Chicken

Want some Snow Cheese Fried Chicken? Yes. Maybe you'll want some Spring Onion Fried Chicken and Soy Sauce Fried Chicken to go along with that. Treat yo' self; you're in a land where there's 12 different varieties of fried chicken and they are all equally delicious. This modest looking set-up in Koreatown is always buzzing with members of the elite 'I know where to get the best fried chicken in Sydney' group, tearing away at their selections, which are all very reasonably priced. My pick would be the Snow Cheese Chicken, pieces of soft, juicy chicken which are dusted with a cheddar cheese powder giving a very thick cheese flavour.

Honourable mentions must be made to the fantastic fried chicken at Ms G's (Potts Point), Hot Star (CBD), Kim (Potts Point), Hatsyard (Newtown), and Panama House (Bondi).