the AU interview: Tuka (Blue Mountains) talks creative development of new record "Life Death Time Eternal" and more

Hip-hop artist, Tuka is a visionary musician with clear passion for what he does. Working on both solo project as well as being part of Blue Mountains based group, Thundamentals, it's clear that his upcoming new record, Life Death Time Eternal has explored his creativity without any limits or boundaries. the AU review's Larry Heath had the opportunity to speak with Tuka and here, he begins to explain the differences between working on his solo project and Thundamentals, explaining the emotional power his solo songs have brought to him as a musician.

With time constraints, Tuka continued on and began to explain how much extra pressure he felt during the recording process of Life Death Time Eternal. From this experience, he learnt that worrying about the production of a track didn't hold the bulk of its importance - it was the quality of songs that mattered the most. "I suppose the main thing for me is I have enough time to produce the music myself and after I produce it, I then go on and work with another producer to bring said song from scratch except I didn't really have time for that this time round," He says. "I only wanted to give myself a small window of time to finish this record. I didn't wanna be overly precious about whether or not I did the production - I just wanted to write good songs but I was kinda under the pump in terms of time."

The inspiration that Tuka took for his solo album was an interesting path - curating his ideas simply by taking a walk somewhere. It was obvious that this took him on a unique path of music creativity to the next level and he found that the ideas that flowed from his mind were ongoing, making it possible for him to connect with the songs on a more emotional level. "From that as well, usually I start with a sample and a beat. Where as these, it's kind of ideas plugged on a universe that I had to start from scratch with a musician or with a producer," Tuka states. "Usually a producer would send me like a folder full of maybe fifty or a hundred beats - there would be maybe one to five I'll emotionally connect with. At least half this record, it's just a melody popped in my head when I was walking down the street."

When it comes to music, there is no conventional way of approaching it and from this notion, Tuka learnt a lot from this experience as a musician. He realised that as long as he worked with a producer that understood his vision - things would fall into place perfectly. "Seriously, I recorded it on my phone and when I had the opportunity, I found the right producer that I thought could emotionally connect with the song idea I had," He explains. "Sometimes I'd wait and see and find the right person for it and then we'd build the song from scratch which I suppose in hip-hop context, that's a pretty different way of doing it."

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Tuka will be releasing Life Death Time Eternal this Friday (10 July). To purchase a copy of the new record, click HERE for more info.

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