the AU interview at Canadian Music Week: Tora (Byron Bay) talk crowd interaction, being away from home and more!

the AU review's Larry Heath talked with Shaun Johnston and Jo Loewenthal of Byron Bay's Tora during their run of shows at Canadian Music Week. Since starting their Canadian tour, it was clear that both Johnston and Lowenthal were feeling fatigued from all the traveling they were doing but the people they had met along the way made it worth their while, "We're feeling drained. We left Australia three weeks ago. We did LA, New York, Montreal, Quebec, Sherbrooke - now we're here. We're ready to sleep tonight but we're having a great time. We're meeting lots of cool people and I couldn't really ask for more. We've had so much fun."

Johnston mentioned that the crowd interaction for the festival goers was nothing but positive. It was gratifying for the men to have been given this opportunity to showcase their electronic pop music in Canada, "The crowds here have been pretty amazing. So many bands playing and everyone seems sort of strung-out and everything but it's been really good reception from all the punters."

After a while of staying home, doing Canadian Music Week gave the band a refreshing perspective on what it was like to tour overseas. Suffice it to say, Canada reminded them fondly of home; for its people and welcoming atmosphere, "It's actually our first time out of Australia with our band. We've been stuck on the old island for a couple of decades but it's been good," says Lowenthal. "I just reckon that Australia's quite like Canada - the people are just chilled and it's a big country with not many people. People seem to love our music from what I've heard so far. Maybe the ones who hate it don't tell us."

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