the AU interview: PVT (Sydney/London)

The lads from PVT have just released Homosapien. It's their first album fronted vocally by Richard Pike, it possesses a refurbished sound and a wonderfully expressive one at that. El had a chat to Richard and brother (drummer) Laurence, 2/3 of PVT about the new album and the interwebs.

What does the beginning of this year look like for you both? With your album Homosapien being released?

Laurence: Yeah I think we’re feeling pretty good and today came as a bit of a shock as we’ve done some interviews and of course our album is coming out but it’s come as a bit of a shock getting out of that summer mode you know. Yeah we’re really excited though, as a band we’re felt very much so like we’re on an upward swing these past few months and yeah, we’ll be going around Australia in mid-march for it.

So let’s talk about your album, was it long in the making for you?

Richard: I guess it was kind of actually done quite quickly for us. It’s been a bit more than two years since the last one. But the actual process for making this record was finished in about May last year, so we have been sitting on it for a bit whilst trying to not let it loose on the internet. But that has given us a really nice break and an opportunity to focus on things more and also gave us the opportunity to work on things like video clips and such, so it’s been really nice to not have to rush everything out.

Well ‘Nightfall’ did really well last year, right up there in FBi’s most played and featured all over the place, did you choose to release that one first for a reason?

Laurence: Well to be honest it was chosen because it was 3 minutes 30 in length. (laughs) And I’m not joking that is actually true!

Laurence: Yeah well we are trying to be more relaxed about things like that, when we make music we definitely don’t think about things like singles and such, we don’t necessarily write for the radio, of course we want our music to be played on the radio like it’s not a priority, we don’t sort of generate that type of music.

Did you have a different vision for this album compared to your previous stuff or is there something you specifically wanted to try and do?

Richard: I think we definitely knew what we didn’t want to do. We didn’t of course know exactly where we were going with it and you never do when you’re making a record, we were definitely trying to explore somewhere that we had never been before, but we knew very strongly what we didn’t want to do and we definitely had a few ideas of the direction we wanted to go. Something that we definitely talked about was having a lot more space in the record, more clarity, we didn’t want a barrage of sounds because the last record was a very big sounding, layered and visceral one, you know that was the idea for that one but for this album we wanted to pull back a bit. One thing that we’ve realised is that we were a lot more relaxed doing this record, I think we were also more focused and accepting of our place in the world. The approach was very different from the last one.

You did a remix for Nigel Godrich’s project Ultraista, can you tell us a bit about that?

Richard: Yeah well we’ve never met Nigel but he just sort of approached us to do a remix. They were looking for people to do remixes for the record and our name kept popping up, so that was a real thrill, we’ve been a fan of his work for a long time and I really like the remix as well I think it’s really fun.

You’re always doing interesting projects, just recently on your tour with Gotye, you guys did a ‘backstage remix’, did you literally do it right backstage or..?

Laurence: Oh Cat Beat!? People actually saw that! Yeah well honestly we were just bored in Adelaide. Then Gotye came into the dressing room and was like ‘Hey have you seen this app?’ and then we made that thing and put it up on the internet. I can’t believe people have actually seen that though!

That’s the internet for you hey! Plus it’s about cats. Internet = cats.

Laurence: Yeah! (laughs) I think it’s a great I mean, what do we say about the internet, put some cats in it and..internet hit!


Watch their Backstage Remix ‘Cat Beat’ here:

And of course, Nightfall:

Their new record Homosapien is released February 8th on Create/Control.