the AU interview at Perth Fringe World: Zack Adams (Perth)

In anticipation of the launch of his new show Zack Adams: The Complete History of Zack Adams we chat to the shows creator and star Shane Adamczak aka Zack Adams about the inspiration behind the show, and how much of Zack Adams is fictional.

Zack Adams: The Complete History of Zack Adams runs from the 12th February till the 14th February at the Treasury Cabaret Room. For more information visit

Whats the inspiration behind your latest show?

The idea behind this show when I first wrote it, was to show the life of a young performer trying to crack the “big time”, warts and all. Rather than being a “rise to fame and glory” story, I wanted to tell a story about someone who struggles and still might not make it in the end, it’s more about the journey than the outcome. That being said, the show is a definitely comedy and is all about showing the various ridiculous points in Zack’s career that changed him as a person…

What can audiences expect from your latest show?

A bit of music, a bit of stand-up, a bit of story-telling and even a bit of bad interpretive dance. Anyone that’s seen the show before will be in for a treat too as it’s been revamped and re-written with some sweet new stuff.

How much of Zack Adams is a stage persona?

It really depends, I think when I do stand-up there’s a lot more of myself behind the mic than in the stage shows, which are more fictional stories with small elements based on reality here and there. It’s strange because I first wrote/performed this show way back in 2005, when I was a much younger and naive performer. I wasn’t touring as much as I do nowadays and hadn’t had as much experience in the industry, so I lot of things I wrote about in the show were based on how I imaged things would go, whereas now I’ve lived through a lot of it and it’s a little closer to home. The whole art imitating life imitating art thing I guess…

Who or what made you want to move into comedy?

I started touring the fringe circuit with my Friend Tomas Ford and I just got to experience so much amazing fringe theatre and comedy and see all these really “Out there” shows and I just fell in love with the scene. From there I started doing some small gigs as Zack Adams to promo upcoming stage shows and kind of got hooked. I spent the next few years dabbling in stand-up and musical comedy. Although I don’t do a lot of it anymore (stand-up) as I’m focusing more on theatre these day, I still co-run Shapiro Tuesdays, an experimental comedy night at Lazy Susan’s Comedy Den, which is great fun.

How was the response to your last show Love Songs for Future Girl?

It was a little overwhelming actually, in a good way. The Perth seasons (at The Blue Room Theatre and then in Fringe World 2011) where really well received which gave me the confidence to take the show overseas to Canada, where I had such an amazing time with the show. It was a dream come true, I got to have a bunch of those little “rock star” moments where shows sell out, you get standing ovations and even a JUST FOR LAUGHS award nomination, which was unexpected but lovely. It was one of my favourite touring experiences for sure, that show treated me well.

What were the highlights of the last year for you?

Well, the Canadian tour for sure. I met so many amazing friends and fellow artists on that tour that I’m still in contact with. I started working in the recording studio on a few musical projects including a record for my “serious” band THE SPIN CHORUS and a weird Comedy/Hip-Hop collaboration project called Magical Noise Experiment. I always enjoy The Adelaide Fringe and Melbourne Comedy Festivals as it’s a chance to catch up with all your fringe family who you only get to see a few months every year.

What plans do you have for 2012?

Off to the Adelaide Fringe in March with CHECKOUT The Musical, performing in a ballet (believe it or not…ladies?!) then Back to Canada in June with this Zack Adams show. A very mixed bag of shows this year…