the AU interview: Matiu Walters of Six60 (NZ)

Ahead of their highly anticipated Australian Tour we had the chance to talk to Matiu from New Zealand sensations Six60. The band embarks on Nation-wide tour supporting their debut self titled release that hits stores May 20. We also talk about their collaboration with our own Paul Mac.

Thanks for talking to us here today at the AU review. Tell us how has
2012 been for you guys so far?

2012 has been really busy. We have just wrapped up the New Zealand Leg of our Tour and now cant wait to get to Australia and do our thing.

How are those new years resolutions going?

I'm drinking more, i have put on weight, im less organized and spend less time with friends and family.

Haha, Nice. So for those of our readers that have not heard or seen you guys
what’s your story what are you guys about?

We came together while studying in Dunedin, and funnily enough was off the back of being denied entry into the music school. in the beginning it was really something we did in passing too make a bit of beer money. at the end of our time there we decided to put an ep together and start a Facebook page cos it seemed to be what everyone was doing at the time. Soon after that the music started taking off and we started touring.

Obviously you guys have already achieved great success.How do
you keep a level head about it all? Whats your biggest achievement?

Yeah it has been a crazy couple of years, and tho we are happy with success we have had, there is a lot still to be done. In saying that our biggest achievement so far is releasing a debut album that we are proud of. Fortunately we have our family to keep our feet on the ground.

So April 20th is the big date here in Oz for your new Album release?
Is this your first Australian release and if so why the delay and what
are your thoughts in the lead up to it all?

YES, our album is released in Australia on the 20th of April. We have been working hard on finding a team of people who we think can help us move forward. We have found that in MGM and cant wait to start. Naturally we are nervous about releasing the album in Australia, but we are excited about the challenge.

What can fans expect from the album?

Fans can expect a lot of diversity, energy and honesty.

You guys are also touring our shores again off the back of the album?
Tell us a bit about this tour as I understand you have had many
previous successful tours here before?

This will be the Fourth time we have toured Australia. This time around we will be visiting Coolangatta, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. Each time we have raised the bar, playing to more people and in bigger venues, an this tour is no exception. We are excited about playing the HI FI in Melbourne and Brisbane, and the Metro in Sydney, as well as the other venues.

Your first single off the Album “Forever” features Paul Mac. How did
that come about and how was that experience?

Having Paul mac perform a remix of one of our songs is absolutely incredible. A legend like that putting his name, experience and reputation on out music is hard to believe. HE IS THE MAN!

So its all happening for you guys what else is planned for the year?

After Australia we catch a flight to the Uk, playing England, Ireland and Scotland, then through Germany, Holland, france and czechoslovakia, Canada and the USA

Thanks for talking to us and catch you at the gigs.


Tour Dates
Thursday April 19th, 2012 - Gold Coast, Coolangatta Hotel - QLD
Friday April 20th, 2012 - Brisbane, The Hifi - QLD
Saturday April 21st, 2012 - Sydney, The Metro - NSW
Friday April 27th, 2012 - Melbourne, The Hifi - VIC
Saturday April 28th, 2012 - Perth, The Capitol - WA